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  • International Battery Seminar 2020: Day Three - BATTERY POWER NEWS | The closing day of the International Battery Seminar was again packed with session covering battery design and application for consumer electronics, the grid, and much more. more..
  • International Battery Seminar 2020: Day Two - BATTERY POWER NEWS | At day two of the International Battery Seminar, several speakers shifted focus away from the needs of electric vehicle batteries, but a report from Tesla's Gigafactory Nevada still took the main stage. more..
  • Lithium Metal Batteries with a Hybrid Polymer–Ceramic Layer  - BATTERY POWER NEWS | In the July issue of Nature Materials, a team at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory reports an innovative hybrid polymer–ceramic-coated separator that effectively and stably suppresses lithium dendrites. The new device is not a solid-state battery—it still relies on a conventional flammable liquid electrolyte—but it combines elements of both ceramic and polymer solid-state battery technology in… more..
  • NanoGraf Receives $1.65m For Long-Lasting Military Battery - BATTERY POWER NEWS | The U.S. Department of Defense has awarded a $1.65 million Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant to NanoGraf to develop a longer-lasting lithium-ion battery, designed to provide U.S. military personnel with better portable power for the equipment they rely on to operate safely and effectively. more..
  • Solar-Flow Battery Achieves 20% Conversion of Energy From Sun - BATTERY POWER NEWS | Solar cell researchers have created a highly efficient and long-lasting solar-flow battery, which is a way to generate, store, and redeliver renewable electricity from the sun. The solar-flow battery achieved a new record efficiency of 20% conversion of energy from the sun. more..
  • Who Will Win the Battle for the European EV Battery Market? - BATTERY POWER INSIGHTS | The European market for electric vehicles is often used as a model for the global transportation future. But who will win the battle for the European EV battery market? more..
  • ReJoule, CleanSpark Win Award to Power Buildings With Second-Life Batteries - BATTERY POWER NEWS | The California Energy Commission has awarded a $2.9 million grant over the next 30 months to ReJoule to validate the capability of second-life batteries to integrate solar power in small-medium commercial buildings. more..
  • Coretec, Evonik Announce Supply Partnership For Liquid Silicon - BATTERY POWER BRIEF | The Coretec Group and Evonik Industries announced a supply partnership to produce batches of Cyclohexasilane (CHS)—a new form of amorphous liquid silicon. more..

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Industry Spotlight

The International Battery Seminar & Exhibit is the premier event showcasing the state of the art of worldwide energy storage technology developments for consumer, automotive, military, and industrial applications. Key thought leaders will assemble to not only provide broad perspectives, but also informed insights into significant advances in materials, product development, manufacturing, and application for all battery systems and enabling technologies. As the longest-running annual battery industry event in the world, this meeting has always been the preferred venue to announce significant developments, new products, and showcase the most advanced battery technology.

Industry Spotlight

Battery Separators Market by Battery Type, End-use Industry, Material And Region - Global Forecast to 2022
The global battery separator market is projected to reach USD 5.13 billion by 2022, at a CAGR of 12.5%, from USD 2.85 billion in 2017. Stringent government regulations regarding reduction of carbon emission, inclination of automotive manufacturers toward production of EVs, and rising demand for smartphones due to rapid urbanization are the key factors that are driving the demand for battery separators. Moreover, increasing industrialization and higher dependency on technology leads to a demand for consumer electronics, and constant development in these areas has further increased the adoption of compact batteries. This, in turn, is expected to fuel the demand for battery separators. However, low heat resistance of battery separator materials and various reported cases of battery failures could lead to a lower the consumption of battery separators.

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