Battery News and Products from LG Energy, NanoGraf, NOVONIX, More

By Battery Power Staff 

June 16, 2023 | News and updates from the battery industry including: joint venture for NOVONIX and LG Energy Solution; Department of Defense award for NanoGraf and South 8 Technologies; and more.

Enovix Corporation has announced agreements with Japanese distribution and manufacturing services company, Elematec Corporation (“Elematec”), and South Korean power management and IoT-focused distributor, Semicomtech, to support pan-Asian shipping, distribution and market expansion of its advanced silicon batteries. Elematec is an integrated services company that provides sales, technology, development, and production support for end users. The company is focused on the Japanese market and delivers electronics parts and finished products globally. Their capabilities exceed the standard distributor by offering full pack-to-Original Design Manufacturer product solutions. Elematec is incorporating Enovix batteries into several solutions for their customers. Semicomtech is a global provider of mostly power-based semiconductor devices that are focused on consumer- and IoT-based customers in South Korea. Semicomtech’s offerings are highly complementary to the batteries and packs that Enovix provides for these applications. Press release.

NOVONIX Limited and LG Energy Solution have signed an agreement for the joint research and development of artificial graphite anode material for lithium-ion batteries. Also, in a separate agreement, NOVONIX has agreed to issue an aggregate principal amount of $30 million unsecured convertible notes to LGES. Upon successful completion of certain development work under the JDA, LGES and NOVONIX will enter into a separate purchase agreement pursuant to which LGES will have the option to purchase up to 50,000 tons of artificial graphite anode material over a 10-year period from the start of mass production. LGES plans to maximize the benefits from the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) by expanding local battery production, as well as establishing a local supply chain for battery components. NOVONIX, with current operating sites in Chattanooga, Tenn., will produce IRA-compliant materials for its customers in the United States. Press release.

CHASM Advanced Materials has launched NTeC-E conductive CNT additives for Li-ion batteries used in electric vehicles (EVs). CHASM will be showcasing its CNT products and technology as an exhibitor and sponsor at the Advanced Automotive Battery Conference (AABC) Europe June 19-22 in Mainz, Germany. Michael Fetcenko, Chairman of CHASM, will also deliver a speech entitled “Manufacturing Carbon Nanotubes at Gigafactory Scale in the US and Europe” on June 20, as part of the High-Performance Battery Manufacturing Symposium. CHASM’s new CNT production platform offers the most scalable, cost-efficient and sustainable approach for mass production of high-quality CNTs tailored for Li-ion batteries. The core technologies behind this innovation include proprietary (iron-free) catalysts plus proprietary (rotary kiln) reactors for CNT synthesis, which are more capital-efficient than traditional fluidized bed reactors used by leading CNT producers. CHASM’s NTeC-E conductive CNT additives have been validated by various partners and independent third-party laboratories through rigorous testing. These independent test results have consistently shown that NTeC-E conductive CNT additives perform as well as CNTs made by leading producers in Asia. Press release. Press release.

NanoGraf and South 8 Technologies have announced a joint $550,000 award from the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command (DEVCOM) to pair NanoGraf’s 3.8 Ah 18650 cell with South 8’s electrolyte for cold temperature and safety testing. The DoD award will fund a six-month project to make sure batteries with NanoGraf and South 8’s technology reduce or eliminate catastrophic failure when exposed to extreme temperatures or nail penetration, in accordance with MIL-PRF-32383 (Military Performance Specification). Successful completion of the testing will validate the extreme cold temperature performance of the cell and maintain existing capacity and cycle life, allowing the cell to operate down to -60 degrees, and up to +60 Celsius and pass the safety test. NanoGraf’s M38 18650 cell can currently operate down to -30 Celsius. Press release.

PSA BDP has celebrated the inauguration of its new Electric Vehicle (EV) battery logistics warehouse in Dunkirk, France. The newly built 22,000 square meter warehouse will offer contract logistics services to the region’s rapidly growing Auto EV cluster. The facility is BREEAM certified and meets the highest standards for sustainable EV battery handling, including in-rack sprinklers, temperature and humidity cameras, quarantine containers and water basins. PSA BDP chose Northern France for its new warehouse as this region is becoming a prime location for the development of EV technology with no less than four EV battery gigafactories announced to date. Press release. Press release.

Cirba Solutions has agreed to partner with Volta Energy Technologies, a venture capital firm backed by some of the biggest names in energy and energy storage materials. Cirba Solutions and Volta will be collaborating in numerous strategic areas to advance a closed-loop ecosystem for battery materials. Cirba Solutions is a dominant figure with industry-leading capabilities in collection, logistics, processing and scalable programs for electric vehicles and post-consumer batteries. The partnership with Volta will bring advancements to the battery materials sector through a holistic approach to a circular battery supply chain, providing added value and significant benefits to manufacturers. Cirba Solutions and Volta will deliver value for the sustainable battery supply chain by providing cost-effective solutions and enhancing the growing domestic manufacturing needs through using regional battery materials to enhance recycled battery content for lithium-ion batteries. Press release.