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  • Thermal Runaway: Understanding the Fundamentals to Ensure Safer Batteries - BATTERY POWER INSIGHTS | Lithium-ion battery thermal runaway occurs when a cell, or area within the cell, achieves elevated temperatures due to thermal failure, mechanical failure, internal/external short circuiting, and electrochemical abuse. William Walker is working to unravel the fundamentals of this explosive process. more..
  • Ironing Out the Technical Details of Fe-ion Batteries - BATTERY POWER NEWS | Recently, a group of physics researchers from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras in Chennai, India, have proposed and filed a patent on a new multivalent-ion battery based on iron. The basic idea is that iron ions, rather than the lithium ions in a convention lithium-ion battery, are inserted into and… more..
  • Lithium-ion Batteries: “Rare Earth” vs Supply Chain Availability - BATTERY POWER INSIGHTS | There are recurring fears about running out of lithium, something that is keeping investors who anxiously eyeball emerging sectors like energy storage, on the sidelines. Part of this misconception is due to the freewheeling use of the phrase “rare earth materials” which often looms over discussions about lithium-ion chemistry and the… more..
  • Lithium Werks Acquires LiiON - BATTERY POWER NEWS | Lithium Werks has acquired LiiON, an energy storage system integrator. The acquisition strengthens Lithium Werks’ presence in the US, and will extends its reach in Europe and Asia. The LiiON brand will be retained and its management will join the broader Lithium Werks’ management team. The combined workforce will number more… more..
  • Researching A Green, Solid-State Future - BATTERY POWER INSIGHTS | The future of batteries will be solid-state—at least that’s the belief of Dr. Alla Smirnova, Professor at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology and Director of the newly-established Center for Green Solid State Electric Power Generation and Storage (CEPS). more..
  • Multi-Battery Systems and Clarios’ Future - BATTERY POWER INSIGHTS | Last May, Johnson Controls Power Solutions relaunched as Clarios after the Power Solutions division of Johnson Controls was acquired by Brookfield Business Partners. Now, several months later, Craig Rigby, Vice President Technology, Clarios, says the company is better positioned than ever to move its legacy forward. more..
  • Consumer Interest Growing In Green Technologies - BATTERY POWER NEWS | In a survey of consumers, Battery Power Online found strong support for alternative energy and strong interest in energy efficient vehicles, but the interest hasn’t yet translated purchasing decisions. more..
  • High-Energy Lithium Metal Battery Ready for Prime Time - BATTERY POWER INSIGHTS | After several years quietly developing its metallic lithium anode technology to more than 500 watt-hours per kilogram to large format scale, Sion Power Corporation is ready to emerge from stealth mode with its unique story, says Executive Chairman Michael Fetcenko. more..

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Free eBook: Designing Better Battery Materials
When so much of our modern life relies on Li-ion batteries researchers and engineers are always looking into new ways to improve battery performance, safety, and cycle life. They are drilling down to focus on specific aspects of battery materials to consider new approaches for improvement. A team at CSEM SA is assembling Li-ion batteries using screen printing to deposit functional inks on the front/reverse side of the separator, while Michigan Technical University is using small-scale mechanical characterization techniques to show the fabrication design rules for solid electrolytes. Malvern Panalytical highlights how rotational rheometry can help manufacturers use data to produce high performance electrodes. Carl Zeiss Microscopy demonstrates how implementing a suite of instrumentation can provide a unique perspective into Li-ion batteries that may lead to advancements in material design.

Industry Spotlight

Battery Separators Market by Battery Type, End-use Industry, Material And Region - Global Forecast to 2022
The global battery separator market is projected to reach USD 5.13 billion by 2022, at a CAGR of 12.5%, from USD 2.85 billion in 2017. Stringent government regulations regarding reduction of carbon emission, inclination of automotive manufacturers toward production of EVs, and rising demand for smartphones due to rapid urbanization are the key factors that are driving the demand for battery separators. Moreover, increasing industrialization and higher dependency on technology leads to a demand for consumer electronics, and constant development in these areas has further increased the adoption of compact batteries. This, in turn, is expected to fuel the demand for battery separators. However, low heat resistance of battery separator materials and various reported cases of battery failures could lead to a lower the consumption of battery separators.

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