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  • Eaton Launches Small-Footprint UPS With User-Replaceable Battery Modules - September 19, 2018 | BATTERY POWER BRIEF | Eaton announces the North American launch of its 9PXM uninterruptible power system (UPS), a scalable, modular backup power solution for a wide range of data center, industrial and commercial applications.
  • A Novel Approach Of Improving Battery Performance - September 17, 2018 | BATTERY POWER BRIEFS | According to a recent study, the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) in South Korea has introduced a novel technology that promises to significantly boost the performance of lithium metal batteries, a promising candidate for the next generation of rechargeable batteries.
  • RELiON Launches Low-Temp Battery Technology - September 13, 2018 | BATTERY POWER BRIEFS | RELiON, a leading global manufacturer of lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFePO4), today introduced a new technology that solves the problem of charging in freezing weather, while also making lithium batteries safer and more practical for low-temperature use. The new RB100-LT (a 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 battery) is the more..
  • Lead Acid vs. Lithium Military Battery Packs: What You Need to Know - September 12, 2018 | Battery Power Insight | Batteries are used by members of the Armed Forces all over the world in a wide range of different ways each and every day. I believe that for high stakes situations like military applications in particular, the choice between a lead acid battery pack and a lithium more..
  • Samsung, Hyundai Investing In Solid-State Battery Producer - September 11, 2018 | NEWS BRIEF | Solid Power has arranged $20 million in financing, from investors Hyuandai, Samsung, and others, to complete a manufacturing facility.
  • Lithium Werks, Super B Announce Merger - September 6, 2018 | BATTERY POWER BRIEF | Lithium Werks and Super B announced a merger this week. The new global company will serve over 1,000 customers in nearly 50 countries and offers jobs to over 550 employees.
  • How Do We Power 20 Million EVs? - August 29, 2018 | BATTERY POWER INSIGHTS | The electric car market is projected to hit 20 million-plus by 2020. The question is no longer when will the EVs arrive, it’s where do we go from here. Despite rapid growth, the EV industry still has a long way to go in one key department: charging.
  • Lithium Vs. Lead: New Markets And Old Strongholds - August 27, 2018 | BATTERY POWER INSIGHTS | Let’s be clear, the Lead-Acid (Pb) battery is still the mainstay of many battery applications such as starting your car, backing up a server-farm or telephone system, and maintaining an alarm system. But Lithium-ion (Li-ion), the mainstay for portable devices, is continuing to expand into new markets more..

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eBook - The Ins & Outs of Shipping Batteries
Lithium batteries are an integral part of everyday life; powering cell phones to electric vehicles. Despite their popularity, lithium batteries are considered dangerous goods and must comply with ever-changing shipping regulations. How can standalone cells ship versus battery packs or batteries integrated into a product? If shipping by air, what is the acceptable state-of-charge (SOC) for a cells and batteries? Labelmaster provides onsite audits, similar to a DOT inspection, to educate and enable manufacturers, covering everything from paperwork and shipping labels. They can also assist retailers in avoiding product delays and recall concerns. SGS explores the intricacies of shipping batteries internationally and how to avoid costly delays with regulations effective August 2017 for shipments to India. Ignorance isn’t bliss when it comes to complying with changing regulations for shipping batteries. Education, training and audits are all tools available to help companies navigate regulations and avoid penalties, delay of product, or loss of consumer confidence.

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Industry Spotlight

The report covers the present scenario and the growth prospects of the global battery market for consumer products market for 2017-2021. To calculate the market size, the report considers the new sales of batteries for consumer goods (smartphones, laptop, power banks, tablets, smart wearables) market and do not include the aftermarket.

Global Battery Market - for Consumer Products 2017-2021