How to Keep your Lithium-ion Gigafactory Consistently Dry

What’s more important than ensuring a safe, consistent manufacturing environment? Whether you struggle with fluctuating moisture loads or if you’re wondering how increased humidity levels could be impacting battery life and quality – consistent, ultra-low dew point levels are only achieved by the right dehumidification system.

Learn why it’s important to achieve ultra-low dew point levels – regardless of facility size – from a small R&D lab, or the largest EV Gigafactory. And, for the first time, we’ll publicly share our latest low-dew point technology, specifically designed for Battery.

And because lithium-ion battery dehumidifiers are at the heart of every dry room project, we’ll share the latest industry insights and trends, including some of the challenges that face the industry. We’ll also touch on other areas of Battery.

Speaker Biography

Cheryl Thibault, BS Chemical Engineering, Global Product Manager for Battery, AirTech Division, Munters Corporation
Cheryl Thibault has been with Munters Corporation 27 years working in applications engineering, sales and product management.  She heads Munters’ global team of experts specializing in humidity control for battery dry rooms.  She concentrates on customer needs, market intelligence, and innovative, energy-efficient product developments for the current and future of the battery market.