• The Wet Road to Fast and Stable Batteries (12/15/2017) - Researchers at Argonne are working on a water-bearing compound for lithium-ion batteries. Lithium titanate hydrate could replace graphite anodes.
  • Reducing the Traffic Jam in Batteries (12/13/2017) - Sandia National Lab researchers is advancing solid-state lithium-ion battery performance. The work is focused on flow of ions across the battery interfaces.
  • Scientists Discover Path to Improving Game-Changing Battery Electrode (12/13/2017) - December 13, 2017 | News Brief | If you add more lithium to the positive electrode of a lithium-ion battery, overstuff it, in a sense, it can store much more charge in the same amount of space, theoretically powering an electric car 30 to 50 percent farther between charges. But these lithium-rich cathodes quickly lose more..
  • Younicos Recommissions Duke Energy Renewables’ 36 MW Battery Storage System in Texas (12/12/2017) - The Notrees Windpower Project in West Texas, which has been in operation since 2012, has upgraded a 36-megawatt (MW) battery-based energy storage system. It has replaced lead-acid technology with Samsung SDI lithium-ion batteries. The Notrees system has been in operation since 2012, actively participating in Texas grid operator ERCOT’s Fast Response Regulation Services (FRRS) market. more..

Industry Spotlight

International Battery Seminar & Exhibit will return to Fort Lauderdale from March 26-29, 2018. As the longest-running annual battery industry event in the world, this meeting has always been the preferred venue to announce significant developments, new products, and showcase the most advanced battery technology. Learn more today at InternationalBatterySeminar.com