Managing Fleet Batteries and Knowing When to Retire Them

Isidor Buchmann, CEO and Founder
Cadex Electronics, Inc.

Batteries work well when new and confidence falls after the first packs fade and need replacing. In time, the battery fleet becomes a jumble of good and bad batteries, and thatís when the headache begins. MORE

Rapid Charging for Battery-Powered Portable Devices

Michelle Li and Jinrong Qian
Texas Instruments

Mobile devices are becoming an integrated part of our daily life. Letís use the smartphone as an example. Instead of a simple phone call function, smartphones are now packed with rich features for social networking, web browsing, messaging, gaming, large HD screens and many others. All these features are pushing the phone to become a power-hungry device. Battery capacity and energy density have been increased substantially to meet the higher power requirements. MORE

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