Achieving Compliance to Small Format Battery Pack Standards

John C. Copeland, VP/COO, Energy Assurance LLC

From my days as a young Marine Corps Officer, it was stressed that “Safety is Paramount”. The same is very much the case when it comes to the design of small-format secondary lithium battery packs. Failure in this regard risks personal injury and property damage, not to mention significant losses associated with negative publicity for those deemed responsible in the court of public opinion. MORE

Battery Diagnostics and Monitoring Advancements in Battery Test Technologies

Isidor Buchmann, CEO and Founder, Cadex Electronics, Inc.

The leading health indicator of a battery is capacity; a measurement that represents energy storage. A new battery delivers (should deliver) 100 percent of the rated capacity. Lead acid starts at about 85 percent and increases in capacity through use before the long and gradual decrease begins. Lithium-ion (Li-Ion) starts at peak capacity and begins its decline immediately, albeit very slowly. MORE

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