Resolving the Hidden Vulnerability in Security Systems

SmartPower Systems

A serious threat is putting many surveillance and access control systems at risk. But this threat doesn’t come from viruses, cyber criminals or stealth intruders.  Instead, it comes from the wall socket where small power fluctuations can take high definition cameras, surveillance equipment, access controls systems and other security equipment temporarily offline and even create gaps in digital recordings. MORE

Extending Battery Life: A Routine Maintenance Schedule Can Dramatically Improve the Life of Flooded Lead-Acid Batteries

Fred Wehmeyer, Senior Vice President of Engineering
US Battery Manufacturing

Businesses that use flooded lead-acid batteries for a variety of applications already know the importance of charging and adding water for optimum performance. Flooded lead-acid batteries are still the most cost effective means to power a variety of vehicles such as golf cars, platforms, cranes and more, but are also great for storing power used in off-grid and partial grid applications. Although these batteries are cost effective, anyone who has had to purchase a new set of them knows how expensive that can be. By making the batteries last longer, users can save a significant amount of money and reduce annual operating costs. MORE

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