Best of Show Finalists Named for the 2024 International Battery Seminar

By Allison Proffitt 

March 4, 2024 | Dozens of companies are showcasing new products at next week’s International Battery Seminar & Exhibit, and 17 have been named finalists in the Best of Show People’s Choice Awards. The Florida Battery community is invited to identify exceptional innovation in technologies in the battery space, voting on the most impactful new products of the year.

The awards competition is open to all International Battery Seminar exhibitors, and exhibiting companies entered their products for consideration in advance of the event. Seventeen new products have been chosen as finalists. They will be recognized at the event and attendees are encouraged to explore the novel technologies and solutions firsthand in the exhibit hall and vote for the People’s Choice Award once the conference has begun. Please note, selection is not based on level of sponsorship or exhibit participation.

Finalists were chosen from all of the entries into the International Battery Seminar Best of Show People’s Choice Awards by the Battery Power Online editorial team. Products must have been newly released or significantly improved since March 2023, and they must be available for purchase at the event.

Winners will be chosen by the on-site community voting during the event. Voting links will be available at finalists’ booths and throughout the event. Voting will open when the exhibit hall opens on Wednesday, March 13, at 9:45am and will close on Thursday, March 14 at 3pm.

Winners will be announced live at the event on the exhibit hall floor on Thursday, March 14, during the 4:20 to 4:50 Exhibit Hall break.

In addition to the Best of Show People’s Choice Awards, highlights of the International Battery Seminar include plenary keynote presentations from Tesla, Panasonic Energy, Albemarle, and Professor Jeff Dahn, plus more than 250 other speakers including 40 OEMs & battery developers, 200+ sponsors & exhibitors from industry, 65 research posters, and 2,000 participants. Registration is still open, and Battery Power Online readers can save $150 with Discount Code 2414-BPO.


Best of Show Finalists

The new products are listed below in alphabetical order by company name. The product descriptions below were submitted by the entering companies.

Across International | Vacuum Induction Melting Furnace- VIF2000 | Booth 1307

Across International’s new Vacuum Induction Melting Furnaces feature an intuitive and innovative approach to creating custom tailored solutions for VIM applications up to 3,000 C. With unique features like slag removal crucibles, sample retrieval assemblies, stirring options, auto feeding configurations, water cooled/heated molds, and much more, Ai’s VIF chambers are ideal for applications across sectors such as battery research and development, aerospace, metallurgy, and advanced materials. Across international provides vacuum induction melting furnaces capable of handling samples as large as 25KG, and come complete with gas mixing systems, mass flow controllers and turbomolecular vacuum pumps for complete control of vacuum melting conditions, as well as pyrometers for contactless temperature monitoring, for a fully optimized system that allows researchers to focus on what matters.

Americase | Lithium-Ion Battery Cabinet | Booth 201

Americase introduces the Lithium-Ion Battery Cabinet, a versatile, mobile in-house thermal containment solution for businesses that stock or house lithium-ion batteries and products. The cabinet surpasses all IFC24 storage standards, eliminating the need for a separate dangerous goods fire-rated room, while its compact size and casters enable effortless movement and maneuverability for easy placement of inventory anywhere in the facility. The Lithium-Ion Battery Cabinet features aircraft-grade aluminum construction and stainless-steel hinges and hardware for 10+ years of field life. The cabinet is also field-repairable and recyclable, maximizing longevity and sustainability. Each battery is kept isolated inside the cabinet to keep it contained in case of a thermal event and to mitigate propagation. Leveraging the customizable architecture and testing methodology, the Lithium-Ion Battery Cabinet meets our customers’ specific requirements and evolving needs – this cabinet can be tailored for different battery sizes and quantities, as well as lithium-ion battery components, UPS systems, and other power redundancy systems, ensuring optimal protection in case of a thermal runaway.

Amprius Technologies | SiMaxx 400Wh/kg Battery | Booth 713

Amprius Technologies, a leader in next-generation lithium-ion batteries with its Silicon Anode Platform, is continuing to pioneer innovative battery technology with its newest ultra-high-power-high-energy lithium-ion SiMaxx battery. Leveraging the company’s advanced material system capability, the new cell achieves 400Wh/kg while capable of delivering a 10C continuous discharge rate, a significant development milestone for electric aviation. At 10C continuous discharge rate, the SiMaxx cell delivers 275Wh/kg. However, at a 6C continuous discharge rate the cell energy density increases to 335 Wh/kg while maintaining an internal operating temperature of under 50°C. In addition, the new SiMaxx ultra-high-power cell boasts an ultra-fast charging (UFC) capability, reaching 80 percent charge in six minutes or less, transforming mission-critical operations with swift turnaround times. The cell’s remarkable power output and rapid charging ability offer unparalleled advantages to the electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft (eVTOL) and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) sectors. Its combination of high energy and power density minimizes battery size and weight, resulting in extended range, less frequent charging, and decreased operational expenses. This provides unmatched propulsion power and energy to meet the rigorous demands during takeoff, cruise, and landing. Additionally, it extends flight range by up to 50% and increases payload capacity, broadening potential applications and enhancing cost efficiency.

Associated Environmental Systems | SC-512-SAFE ATPHEAVY ADAPTABLE | Booth 1106

Introducing our latest developments to our battery safety environmental test chamber integrated with our patent-pending ATPHEAVY Adaptable battery testing solution. Meet the full solution, SC-512-SAFE ATPHEAVY ADAPTABLE. This temperature-only environmental test chamber is 12 cu ft and designed with safety features to keep operator safety in mind. The AES SAFE battery testing chamber series is designed first to prevent and then mitigate in the event of a battery thermal event (BTE). Our ATPHEAVY ADAPTABLE is configured for all cell types, making it a versatile solution for battery testing. The board is highly adaptable due to its modular surface because the panels can be customized to allow for a custom-tailored application to accommodate various elements, such as clips for pouch cells, additional thermal channels for cell monitoring, high-current terminal posts, and more. The test surface is constructed from perforated FR4 material coated with an epoxy resin laminate. This innovative surface is inherently flame-retardant and strictly adheres to the UL94V-0 standard. All labeled channels and wires are routed through the ADAPTABLE’s IGUS track and fed through the back of the chamber, connecting to our ATP/Cycler interface panel. This offers a secure location for connections from chamber to cycler and ensures safety and functionality. This provides a streamlined testing process, combining safety and efficiency seamlessly in one fully integrated solution. Temperature Range: -20°C to 80°C (-4°F to +176°F) Channels: Up to 16 channels Standard Maximum Current: 100-500 amps per channel Cable management: IGUS Track Patent Pending

BioLogic | BCS-9xx | Booth 604

BioLogic now goes one step further in battery cycling/testing, releasing its next generation – BCS-900 cyclers with the BT-Lab software suite. With 4 ALL NEW benefits needed for battery cycling: 1. Control, acquisition and storage are embedded in the cycling system, making it fully secured and independent from network latencies and PC operation. Tests can be accessed and monitored, using the Global View feature, remotely or on-site at any time. 2. Testing needs evolving with time, users should have the capability to constantly adapt. Here, modules with different current ranges can be added autonomously and mixed/matched for current ranges from few µA up to 120 A. 3. A comprehensive set of tools: The BT-Lab software suite include: BT-Test – dedicated for test automation (using test plans and variables) & BT-Analysis – dedicated to batch data analysis. Providing more flexibility and efficiency. Additionally, BioLogic BCS-900 cyclers integrate EIS (Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy) natively: no need for a third-party add-on! 4. Cycling is achieved with the highest level of accuracy, precision and performance required for battery testing.

Bright Toward Industrial Co., Ltd. | SiC MOSFET Relay | Booth 716

Bright Toward introduces the latest iteration of our groundbreaking SiC MOSFET relays, setting a new standard in battery management systems. Our optically coupled relays feature Silicon Carbide MOSFETs, offering load voltages up to 3300V, with an impressive 6600V in development. New in this release is the package SO-16, boasting a creepage distance greater than 8mm, enhancing safety and reliability in challenging environments. Choose from Input/Output breakdown voltages of 3750V or 5000V to suit diverse application needs. Our relays are AEC-Q101 certified, ensuring automotive-grade reliability for critical systems. Manufactured in our 1K grade clean rooms, these relays guarantee precision and quality. Technical Specifications: – Load Voltages: Up to 3300V (6600V in development) – Input/Output Breakdown Voltages: 3750V or 5000V – Compact size: *SO-16: 10.36 x 7.5 x 3.7 mm *SMD6-5: 8.8 x 6.4 x 3.5 mm – Package: SO-16 with creepage distance > 8mm – Certification: AEC-Q101 – Manufacturing: 1K grade clean rooms Experience the future of semiconductor innovation with Bright Toward’s SiC MOSFET relays. Explore our product site to discover unparalleled performance and reliability for battery management systems.

CHASM Advanced Materials | NTeC-E | Booth 403

CHASM’s NTeC-E CNT additives for Li-ion batteries provide high quality carbon nanotubes that are a drop-in replacement for industry-standard CNTs. Compared with traditional conductive carbon additives used in Li-ion batteries, CNTs enable lower internal resistance, increased energy storage capacity, superior rate capability and longer cycle life. With CNTs becoming essential for today’s EV batteries, CHASM is uniquely positioned to support surging demand with exceptional performance and breakthrough technology that enables low cost, scalable and sustainable production for crucial local supply of CNTs in the U.S. and Europe. CHASM’s new CNT production platform is the key to scalable mass production of high-quality CNTs tailored for Li-ion batteries. The core technologies behind this innovation include proprietary (iron-free) catalysts plus proprietary (rotary kiln) reactors for CNT synthesis, which are more capital-efficient than traditional fluidized bed reactors. CHASM’s NTeC-E CNT additives are produced at CHASM’s manufacturing plant in Norman, Oklahoma. CHASM is currently producing NTeC-E at pilot-scale (50 metric tons) and plans to bring online the world’s largest CNT production reactor (1,500 metric tons) during Q4 2024. For further scale-up, CHASM plans to manufacture its NTeC-E additives in collaboration with strategic partners and provide licenses for global production. CHASM’s NTeC-E conductive CNT additives have been validated by independent third-party laboratories through rigorous testing, which has consistently shown that performance matching CNTs made by leading producers in Asia. Test results further suggest that NTeC-E additives are compatible not only with multiple cathode types, but also with Si-anodes and next-generation solid-state batteries.

Enovix Corporation | Enovix Industrial Cell EXHPR-73548 | Booth 202

Enovix is a global, next-generation battery manufacturer. The company’s unique cell architecture enables the use of a 100% active silicon anode, which translates to high energy density and capacity without compromising safety. Its Industrial Cell, EXHPR-73548, is designed for IoT, military and industrial applications with a rugged cell architecture that provides a significant energy density advantage compared to other cells on the market today. Beginning in June 2023, Enovix has shipped its Industrial Cell for U.S. Army soldier’s central power source in their military vests — the Conformal Wearable Battery (CWB). Created by Inventus Power, the CWB powers vital communications equipment and other devices for U.S. Army soldiers. This cell has the potential to nearly double the energy density versus the current CWB cells, which would result in substantial operational advantages including much longer lasting battery packs to support longer missions. Another key advantage is the integration of Enovix BrakeFlow™ technology, a breakthrough safety system that provides an extra layer of protection inside the cell. If an internal short occurs in the battery, BrakeFlow will enable the battery to safely discharge slowly instead of a sudden catastrophic release of energy. Specs: – Capacity: 1.93 Ah (Min) – Average Voltage: 3.60 V – Energy: 6.95 Wh (Min) – Charge Conditions o Constant current (0.7C): 2.35 A to 4.35V o Constant Voltage: 4.35V – Taper current cut-off (0.04C): 77 mA – Discharge Conditions – Constant current (0.5C): 0.965 A to 2.7V

EVE Energy Co. Ltd | Mr. Big LFP 628Ah Cell | Booth 700

Mr. Big is a 628Ah high energy density, long cycle life, super-sized LFP chemistry cell, which makes the energy storage systems (ESS) to be more convenient, safer, and economically efficient. Please come to our Booth #700 to meet Mr. Big!

Hioki USA Corporation | RM3545A Resistance Meter | Booth 603

The RM3545A Resistance Meter delivers high accuracy low resistance measurement. The lowest resistance range setting, i.e., 1000 μΩ range (1 nΩ resolution), has been added to detect minute resistance differences in the weld quality of battery cell/module/pack assembly caused by cracks or defects during welding, insufficient melting, or gaps between parts. In addition to a high accuracy low resistance measurement capability, a test system must be able to adjust resistance values in response to temperature changes to make a precise PASS/FAIL decision. Temperature Correction of the RM3545A allows reading resistance values at a reference temperature. With the Z3003 multiplexer unit or SW1002 switch main frame, the RM3545A can extend the number of channels to 20 and 132 for multi-channel testing in the 4-terminal method (low resistance measurement). The model has increased 1.7 times higher path resistance tolerance in low resistance range settings, i.e., 1000 μΩ, 10 mΩ, and 100 mΩ range, than the previous model. This improvement eases cable length and diameter restrictions when building testing systems for production and reduces service time for system maintenance, such as replacing relays, probes, and cabling.

LaserStar Technolgies | 7601-MFX Series FiberStar Laser Welding System | Booth 208

FiberStar 7601- MFX Series Laser Welding Systems with MotionFX offer state-of-the-art laser resonator technology which provides high peak power, optimal performance and throughput, higher up-time, enhanced electrical efficiency, and a space saving air cooled design. Solid state diodes provide instantaneous power with no “warm up time” required.

Micromeritics Instrument Corporation | AccuPyc 1350 | Booth 721

The all-new AccuPyc Gas Pycnometer – the fastest, easiest, most accurate system for true density determination. Trusted worldwide, the AccuPyc sets a new standard by delivering the highest levels of precision and repeatability. The AccuPyc introduces a hinged self-aligning lid for frustration-free operation, ensuring a repeatable chamber volume. AccuTemp technology controls temperature with remarkable accuracy (+/- 0.025°C from 4°C to 60°C), resulting in a more stable system that equilibrates faster and exchanges gas more efficiently. This leads to shorter run times, enabling complete measurements in 20-30% less time than conventional systems. Navigating the AccuPyc is a breeze with the intuitive Breeze touch interface, putting everything at your fingertips. The innovative PowderSafe Mode pressurizes the reference chamber before the sample chamber, ensuring the safety of both sample and instrument by eliminating the potential for elutriation. The AccuPyc goes beyond the ordinary with MIC Net – an instrument-to-instrument network facilitating result and method sharing across devices, creating a seamless operational experience for your lab. Every aspect of the AccuPyc design is meticulously crafted to enhance accuracy and reduce variability, from the most stable temperature control to cutting-edge gas modeling and the most repeatable lid closure. With superior measurements, the AccuPyc ensures accurate results you can trust. Technical Specifications: Available Cell Volumes: 10cm3 or 100cm3, with insert kits for 0.1cm3, 1cm3, 3.5cm3, 10cm3, 35cm3. Temperature: 4°C to 60°C (+/- 0.025°C). Volume Accuracy: 0.02%. Volume Repeatability: 0.01%.

Pec North America Inc | The PEC approach to Rapid Single-Step Electrolyte filling | Booth 301

Today, Electrolyte filling is one of the key process challenges in GIGA-scale, hardcase Li-ION cell production. With increasing cell energy densities, the path to full wetting of the electrodes is very time-consuming and adds significant complexity to the production process. In response to these challenges, PEC has developed a unique and patented Rapid Single-step Electrolyte Filling solution. It significantly reduces the electrolyte filling time (filling and soaking) from hours to minutes. It further eliminates the need for multiple filling steps, while achieving an absolute higher state of wetting without any cell modifications. The technology not only has a direct impact on CAPEX and OPEX for cell manufacturers, but also improves yield. Additionally, improved cell performance is observed because of the higher wetting state of the cells before formation. PEC has already implemented this leading technology in several GIGA-scale manufacturing plants. The process is ideally suited for large format cells, such as the 46XXX cylindrical cells as well as prismatic cells. To avoid complex logistics between the Formation, Ageing & Testing lines and the dry room area, PEC’s new electrolyte filling machine has been fully integrated in the PEC Automated Cell Finishing Lines.

REPT BATTERO | WENDING 320Ah Cell | Booth 408

The WENDING 320Ah battery, a cutting-edge energy storage solution by REPT BATTERO, is set to revolutionize the market with its superior capacity and energy efficiency. Slated for mass production in 2023, it features an energy density of 400 Wh/L, made possible by the innovative WenDing technology which optimizes battery space utilization. This technology significantly reduces the length of the battery tabs, enhancing energy efficiency to 95%, which is slightly higher than current market offerings. Notably, the battery’s actual capacity exceeds 335Ah, providing a 4% increase over standard 320Ah cells, thus improving system capacity and reducing costs for system integrators. Its design ensures a longer cycle life and meets international safety standards, having received certifications such as UL 1973, UL 9540A, and IEC 62619. This breakthrough is expected to deliver higher reliability and profitability for customers, establishing a new benchmark for large-capacity energy storage solutions and signaling a shift towards more sustainable and efficient energy management practices across the globe.

Unico, LLC | Unico BAT300 IDAC Cell Channel | Booth 109

The BAT300 Series is setting a new standard in cell formation and testing. Designed for test applications that prioritize cost-effectiveness and flexibility over ultra-high precision, the BAT300 Series is based off the Unico IDAC power platform and offers exceptional performance, efficiency and versatility at a significantly reduced cost. Unico’s latest offering is a compact, all-in-one solution (480VAC to DC or high voltage DC to DC) that minimizes energy consumption while maximizing testing efficiency. The BAT300 Series marks Unico’s first product launch on the new Unico IDAC power platform which significantly expanded Unico’s existing product portfolio of battery cell, module, and pack testing solutions. With its ability to enhance the basic cell testing and formation market, the BAT300 Series fills a crucial gap where high end research solutions are overqualified and expensive and conventional equipment often falls short in terms of performance or efficiency. This innovative technology is ideally suited for cell formation in gigafactories, as well as for aging and functionality testing in R&D laboratories, and end-of-life (EOL) activities in cell/module manufacturing lines. Channels can be application specific, for example, to age the cells for characterization in the cell test application, provide a voltage and current source for the formation application, and perform basic end-of-line checks for the manufacturing application. It’s ultra-compact design with ultra-high efficiency and bi-directional capability enables energy that is discharged to return to the AC grid. The innovative novel power electronics topology includes power conversion, isolation, and DC output control all in a single power stage.

Westwater Resources, Inc. | Natural Graphite – CSPG-10 and CSPG-18 | Booth 616

Westwater is a U.S.-based supplier of natural graphite anode materials. Over the last four years, Westwater’s technical team worked with leading cellmakers to develop natural graphite that meets or exceeds the performance of today’s leading Chinese suppliers. Westwater successfully developed two Coated Spheroidized Purified Graphite (CSPG) materials with D50 particle sizes of 10 and 18 microns. Minimum material specifications for CSPG-18 include: tap density >1.0 g/cm^3, >360 mAh/g reversible capacity, <8% ICL, and >99.95% graphite purity. CSPG-10 offers similar properties with improved rate performance. Westwater’s developed its materials using production-scale equipment in up to one ton batches. As a result, the typical battery material scale up risks are minimized via installation and use of the same equipment and processes at the mass production level. Westwater’s graphite processing facility is in Kellyton, Alabama and two thirds complete. Thus far, the company has financed the plant construction project with no assistance from government grants or loans. True commercial acceptance of a battery material is only measured by a supply agreement and requires two things. First, a material must be produced on scale while ideally offering some performance improvement without negative trade-offs. Second, the material must offer a compelling economic advantage versus available alternatives. Westwater successfully addressed both challenges as evidenced by its recently announced production off-take agreement with SK On wherein volumes will reach 10,000 mt per year. Graphite isn’t a new material, but Westwater is proud to be a new U.S.-based supplier of it. Vote for graphite, and vote for Westwater!

Zhuhai CosMX Battery Co.,Ltd | 4C Fast Charging & Long Duration EV Cell | Booth 1217

A type of cell that can provide EV vehicles with both fast charging and long duration while most products can’t handle most. The charging speed of the cell reaches 4C, which can charge from 10% to 80% within 10.5 minutes. In the meantime, the VED of the cell reaches 558Wh/L, which provides a longer duration than usual fast-charging cells.