Designing and Managing Custom Battery Pack Plastic Enclosures

Anton Beck, Battery Product Manager • Epec Engineered Technologies

Customers are often unfamiliar with battery regulatory requirements which can lead to complications during the design of plastic enclosures. Understanding some of the design and management elements will help avoid production process complications. With any enclosure, the most important aspect is that the enclosure must be able to support the battery itself. It must also pass rigorous tests, especially when associated with transportation safety certifications. MORE

Assessment of Performance and Safety on Lithium Ion Pouch Battery Under Various Test Conditions

Joshua Su, Sr. Engineering Manager • HZO

In recent years, lithium ion polymer cells in pouch format have found increasing use in portable consumer electronics. They are commonly being referred to as lithium polymer cells (hereafter referred as Li-Poly), although these cells are not of the true polymer types1,2. Compared to conventional batteries such as nickel cadmium systems, Li-Poly cell designs provide the highest specific energy (>220 Wh/kg) and energy density (>450 Wh/L) of all commercially available designs3. From a safety and fire protection standpoint, a high energy density coupled with a flammable organic, rather than aqueous, electrolyte has created a number of new challenges with regard to the design, storage and handling of batteries containing lithium ion cells. MORE

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