Battery Management With an Intelligent Battery Sensor is Vital to the Success of Future Automotive Designs

Christopher Lohmeier, R&D Engineer, Vishay Intertechnology
Tom Veik, Sr. Engineering Technician, Vishay Intertechnology

Modern automobiles need to become more efficient to comply with future fuel economy standards. Much of this efficiency can be, and has been, gained with innovations that depend on the vehicle’s electrical system. Technological innovations such as stop-start, drive-by-wire, and brake-by-wire systems are just a few of these improvements. All of these new technologies, however, have one major downside in that they rely on the one component of the electrical system that has not seen much innovation since the 1950s, the lead-acid battery. MORE

Batteries: An Integrated Solution

Jennifer Eirich, Marketing Manager, Utilities

According to the US Department of Energy (DOE), growth in peak demand for electricity in the US has exceeded transmission growth by almost 25 percent every year since 1982.1 Today’s utilities are now being challenged to manage increasing consumption with an aging and already compromised infrastructure, congested transmission lines and greater reliance on renewable resources. MORE

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