How to Use an SMU Instrument in Charge/Discharge Cycling for Battery Characterization

Mary Anne Tupta
Keithley Instruments, a Tektronix Company

Rechargeable batteries power a rapidly expanding range of electronic devices, from laptops and tablets to mobile phones and wearable health-monitoring devices. When purchasing these devices, consumers typically take a hard look at battery life and recharge times; operating time is often a deciding factor in the purchase of a mobile device. As a result, researchers are studying ways to increase battery life and decrease the cost of rechargeable batteries. MORE

Protecting Batteries that Protect Your Power System

Wally Vahlstrom, Director of Technical Services
Emerson Network Power, Electrical Reliability Services

According to the US Department of Energy, reported electric emergency incidents and disturbances are on the rise with approximately 23 percent more events reported last year as compared to 2013. These outages or disturbances can cost facilities thousands or even millions of dollars if their emergency power systems do not immediately switch on and provide back-up power. MORE

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