Extending Battery Life: A Routine Maintenance Schedule Can Dramatically Improve the Life of Flooded Lead-Acid Batteries

Fred Wehmeyer, Senior Vice President of Engineering
US Battery Manufacturing

Businesses that use flooded lead-acid batteries for a variety of applications already know the importance of charging and adding water for optimum performance. Flooded lead-acid batteries are still the most cost effective means to power a variety of vehicles such as golf cars, platforms, cranes and more, but are also great for storing power used in off-grid and partial grid applications. Although these batteries are cost effective, anyone who has had to purchase a new set of them knows how expensive that can be. By making the batteries last longer, users can save a significant amount of money and reduce annual operating costs. MORE

Preventing Counterfeiting: Challenges and Selection Criteria for an Ideal Authentication Solution

Robert Rozario
Infineon Technologies North America Corp.

The counterfeiting and cloning of devices and peripherals are major concerns for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). These concerns grow when manufacturing is outsourced to offshore Contract Manufacturers (CMs) or even to multiple CMs, which can make it almost impossible to protect the intellectual property (IP) and prevent the unauthorized production of gray market products and peripherals. Legitimate suppliers not only suffer direct revenue losses, but also lose brand reputation if a product is damaged as the result of using cloned peripherals, and may even incur high liability costs. MORE

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