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  • Best of Show Finalists Named for the 2024 International Battery Seminar - By Allison Proffitt  March 4, 2024 | Dozens of companies are showcasing new products at next week’s International Battery Seminar & Exhibit, and 15 have been named finalists in the Best of Show People’s Choice Awards. The Florida Battery community is invited to identify exceptional innovation in technologies used by life science professionals, voting on… more..
  • The Kinetic Advantages of Lithium-Indium Anodes - By Kyle Proffitt  February 28, 2024 | A group from Cornell has reported lithium ion coin cell batteries that charge in five minutes and can cycle at least 1,000 times while providing energy density on par with commercial products. Their work deals with optimizing the kinetics of lithium ion diffusion and reaction in the anode,… more..
  • Plenary Highlights from AABC San Diego - BATTERY POWER NEWS | At the latest Advanced Automotive Battery Conference, parallel tracks spanned the battery and EV sectors from raw materials sourcing and the latest electrode chemistry developments to cell and pack engineering all the way up to gigafactory manufacturing and the automation thereof. Representation on the exhibition floor paralleled the technical sessions: startups… more..
  • LG Energy Solutions on Market Health, BEV Drivers, Favorite Chemistries - BATTERY POWER NEWS | In December, at the Advanced Automotive Battery Conference, Robert Lee, President for North America and Chief Strategy Officer of LG Energy Solution, addressed the market shifts for electric vehicles in 2023 and the strategic choices LG Energy Solution has made for success. more..
  • Constriction at the Anode: Solid-State Battery Advance Using Composite Materials - BATTERY POWER NEWS | Harvard University researchers have created new solid-state batteries boasting 12-minute charge time and 80% capacity retention after 6,000+ charge-discharge cycles. The fundamental advance comes from understanding and controlling physical forces at the anode to enable improvements in density and performance. more..
  • Building An In-House Battery Monitoring System Is A Titanic Undertaking  - BATTERY POWER ONLINE | Sales reps for battery monitoring systems are tasked with two objectives: convince the customer that they need battery monitoring, and convince the customer they need their particular battery monitoring system. There is a third and less compelling objective: dissuade the customer from designing and building their own in-house battery monitoring systems… more..
  • NanoGraf Wins $15M Contract for Battery Interoperability - BATTERY POWER NEWS | NanoGraf has been awarded a contract worth up to $15 million to support the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command C5ISR Center according to the company. The contract is part of a Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) initiative focused on developing a Family of Advanced Standard Batteries (FAStBat) leveraging commercial technologies. more..
  • Delta-Q Technologies Meets Two Canadian Net-Zero Emissions Targets - BATTERY POWER ONLINE | In late December, Delta-Q Technologies, Burnaby, Canada, announced that it had achieved the goals of its Scope 1 and Scope 2 net-zero emissions targets. As outlined by Canada’s Greening Government Strategy, Scope 1 includes direct greenhouse emissions that come from sources that an organization directly owns or controls. Scope 2 emissions… more..

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What’s more important than ensuring a safe, consistent manufacturing environment? Whether you struggle with fluctuating moisture loads or if you’re wondering how increased humidity levels could be impacting battery life and quality – consistent, ultra-low dew point levels are only achieved by the right dehumidification system.

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Industry Spotlight

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