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  • Entering the TWh Era with Innovations in Battery Manufacturing  - BATTERY POWER NEWS | Out with “giga”, in with “tera”. Global lithium-ion battery production capacity stands at roughly 600 GWh per year today and is expected to reach at least 3 TWh by 2030. There is even talk of North American capacity reaching 1 TWh by the end of the decade, up from a paltry… more..
  • Emerging Recycling Players and Technologies  - BATTERY POWER NEWS | Something on the order of 3 TWh of batteries are going to be produced annually by 2030. This translates to roughly 12 million kilograms of battery cells. The community is working quickly to build a sustainable battery supply chain. Central figures in this rapidly changing space convened at the 40th International… more..
  • The Battery Crunch is Coming; How Can the World Solve It? - BATTERY POWER INSIGHTS | The decarbonization of both transport and power generation by 2040 will be essential to avoid the worst impacts of climate change and meet global emissions targets. Achieving this goal will require the replacement of current vehicle stock and the transformation of energy infrastructure. more..
  • Long-life and High-energy Batteries from Dahn and Meng - BATTERY POWER NEWS | The International Battery Seminar and Exhibit celebrated its 40th anniversary this March with over 2100 delegates in Orlando, Florida. The record-breaking attendance was felt most strongly when everyone came together in one room to hear Jeff Dahn and Shirley Meng discuss the latest developments on long-life and high-energy batteries, respectively. more..
  • Beyond EV Surplus: Energy Storage Comes Into Its Own  - BATTERY POWER ONLINE | At the International Battery Seminar, Iola Hughes, research manager at consultancy Rho Motion, reported shifts in the energy storage market. Rather that being simply a surplus market, battery energy storage systems (BESS) have grown into the fastest growing portion of energy demands. more..
  • Amprius Technologies, University of Bayreuth Win Best of Show Awards in Florida - BATTERY POWER NEWS | Two Best of Show winners were named today at the International Battery Seminar, Orlando, Fla., recognizing both the best new product in the battery industry and the best poster on display at the event. more..
  • Tesla Engineer Takes Battery Innovator Award, Talks Manufacturing Efficiencies, Recycling - BATTERY POWER NEWS | Drew Baglino of Tesla accepted the Shep Wolsky Battery Innovator of the Year Award yesterday at the International Battery Seminar in Orlando, Fla. Shep Wolsky founded the International Battery Seminar in 1983 and was a tireless champion of battery innovation. more..
  • Finalists Named in Inaugural Best of Show Awards at the International Battery Seminar - BATTERY POWER NEWS | Twenty-two new products to be presented at the International Battery Seminar, March 20-23, Orlando, Fla., have been chosen as finalists in the inaugural Best of Show awards program, recognizing the best new products in the battery space. more..

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Industry Spotlight

Leak Sniffer for Li-ion Battery Production
Pfeiffer Vacuum offers leak testing solutions for Li-ion battery production. The ASM 306 Helium/hydrogen sniffer leak detector finds the smallest leaks in battery cells, cell components, cooling circuits, battery modules, as well as on complete battery packs to ensure protection from moisture ingress.

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Industry Spotlight

Experience our new 3D series on the different leak detection methods!
Ranging from leak localization over integral testing to sniffing and bombing testing.