The Looming Problem of Battery Waste in Wearables and How to Solve It

Jeffrey Ortega, Ph.D., Director of Research • ZPower

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans buy approximately three billion dry-cell batteries each year to power common household devices, including radios, toys, phones and computers. This volume creates nearly 180,000 tons of battery waste that is either recycled or ends up in landfills, where it can leach toxic chemicals into the ground and water supply. And while this number is staggering in and of itself, we live in a battery-powered world, and our need is only growing. Continue reading

Are You in Safe Hands?

Neil Oliver, Technical Marketing Manager, Accutronics

In 2015, a hacking convention held in Kentucky found a staggering 68,000 vulnerable medical technology (MedTech) systems in just one healthcare organization. Subsequently, a senior researcher at security company Kaspersky Lab revealed at 2016’s Security Analyst Summit that he had easily infiltrated an MRI machine and uncovered sensitive information. Continue reading

Problems with New Battery Technologies

Neil Oliver, Technical Marketing Manager, Accutronics

The humble battery is one of the unsung heroes of electronics. While it is capable of powering both commercial and critical devices, it is often overlooked and undervalued during the product design stages, often leading to a wide range of performance problems later in the product lifecycle.

Continue reading

One Pivotal Incident Inspired the Development of Longer Lasting Batteries for Land Mobile Radios

Curt Quinter, President and Chief Engineer
Impact Power Technologies

A San Antonio, Texas police officer was out on patrol when he suddenly found himself caught in a shootout and away from his vehicle.  He tried to call for backup only to discover that his 2-way radio battery had died and his spares were at the station.  The officer was killed in the line of duty, but this kind of tragic loss should never happen. Continue reading

Battery Backup Thermal Runaway Fears? Render it Harmless Through Continuous Monitoring

Tom Shannon, Director of Business Development • BatteryDAQ, Inc.

Thermal runaway is the disaster no one saw coming until it is too late.  It sounds like a horror movie, and it could well be, if batteries are not properly maintained. Every article on the subject will point out something like “If the design of the battery, coupled with the installation location, allows for proper dissipation of increased battery temperatures, thermal runaway is unlikely”. Continue reading

The True Cost of a Battery

Tom Shannon, Director of Business Development • BatteryDAQ, Inc.

It is an established practice for design engineers to follow a process for selecting the best battery for a project or application, by submitting the choices through a balanced approach that compared technical requirements and goals, to cost and ongoing maintenance requirements. Continue reading

“Continuous Battery Monitoring is not Cost Effective.” – Pshaw!