NEI Introduces A Solid State Electrolyte Powder For Lithium

NEI Corp. is making Li10SnP2S12 – Lithium Tin-Phosphorous-Sulfide (LSPS) available for sale in powder form. LSPS belongs to a family of superionic solids that conduct lithium-ions at room temperature. Commercial Lithium-ion batteries usually contain anelectrolyte that is dissolved in flammable solvents. The use of a solid state electrolyte, such as LSPS, will eliminate the flammability issue associated with currently used liquid electrolytes.

Sulfide compounds with high Li-ion conductivity are not commonly available, and as such, the development of solid state electrolyte–based Li-ion batteries has been plagued by the lack of widespread availability of these difficult-to-produce materials. NEI has utilized its extensive background in the synthesis of advanced materials to develop a process for producing sulfide materials in a form that allows them to be used in Li-ion cells.

“By making solid state electrolyte powders readily available in test quantities, our intent is to make it easy for Li-ion battery researchers to develop the next generation of all-solid-state Li-ion batteries,” said Dr. Ganesh Skandan, CEO of NEI Corp. “The NEI process is amenable to synthesizing variants of LSPS, such as compositional changes.”

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