Flux Power's Lithium Battery Pack for Material Handling Equipment Now Available

Flux Power Holdings, Inc. has released the availability of its 24V LiFT Pack product line, an advanced lithium battery pack designed specifically for the large energy storage systems used in material handling lift equipment.  The innovative design of the 24V LiFT Pack has proven to perform better and longer than premium lead-acid batteries available on the market today.  The 24V LiFT Pack is also virtually maintenance-free and lasts much longer over time, which means fewer battery replacements are needed over the life of the equipment, resulting in a significantly reduced cost of ownership.

“Our break-through 24V LiFT Pack product line has the potential to change the way material handling equipment dealers and companies that rely on electric fork lifts do business.  We are delighted with the preliminary feedback we have received from customers, both equipment manufacturers and end-user operators, who have called the battery pack a ‘game-changer’ in the material handling and distribution equipment market. Initial implementations of the battery pack in a variety of high use, diverse environments demonstrated the superior performance of the battery pack, as well as the potential cost savings, up to 70 percent on their long-term battery expenses,” said Kerri Taylor, director of Business Development.  “Our LiFT Pack stayed charged many times longer than premium lead-acid batteries on the market today, without any noticeable loss of power to the equipment.  Moreover, in most instances, the equipment remained operable throughout an entire shift or longer without needing to be recharged.”

Pricing on the LiFT Pack starts at $3,300, and includes a lease option available to qualified customers. Leasing options start as low as $399 down and $79 per month. Volume discounts are offered and all battery packs include a three-year standard warranty and an optional five-year extended warranty.

“Lithium ion batteries have historically been perceived as highly desirable but very expensive and, as a result, affordability has been a challenge for some customers. Flux Power is making its battery pack available at a competitive price, and is also offering an industry-first  leasing option for lithium batteries that enables customers to purchase the quantity needed and start taking advantage of the benefits of the battery pack quickly,” said Taylor.

The 24V LiFT Pack is designed and sized dimensionally so that it will fit a broad range of manufacturer battery enclosure sizes and comes in a range of configurations and feature sets.  A 135Ahe, low capacity model, is ideal for material handling equipment that requires a three to five hour  total usage per shift, such as a beverage delivery truck. A higher capacity model, the 250Ahe is available for equipment, such as pallet jacks or “walkies” that is typically in use over a five to eight hour shift.  The largest capacity battery pack available, the 510Ahe, is suited for larger warehouse environments and material handling equipment where more industrial, heavy lifting or continuous use is necessary over longer periods of time. A 250Ahe-EE battery pack is also available for applications where compliance to UL or other certification requirements are necessary.


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