K2 Energy Solutions to Supply a Fully Self-Contained Energy Storage System for the Naval Sea Systems Electromagnetic Rail Gun

K2 Energy Solutions, Inc. will be providing an intermediate energy storage battery system for the Office of Naval Research (ONR) and the Naval Sea Systems Command’s (NAVSEA) electromagnetic rail gun. K2 has received the first order against the contract.

The initial $81,400,000 contract was awarded by the Naval Sea Systems Command to K2 Energy Solutions, Inc. a developer and manufacturer of advanced K2 Lithium ion batteries and systems. The contract lists K2 Energy Solutions, Inc. as the sole source battery provider for the electromagnetic rail gun and will include design, engineering and associated support for the energy storage system required to power the application. This advanced energy storage system is a major component in the Navy’s electromagnetic rail gun, powering capacitor bank modules capable of launching a projectile at a very high rate of speed.

“The K2 Energy team is excited to have been recognized for achieving what no other battery company has done,” said K2 Energy CEO Johnnie Stoker PhD. “This effort underscores the Navy’s commitment to environmentally sound, clean power as its energy demands grow. We are happy to collaborate as the Navy’s partner in this important development effort.”

This NAVSEA battery system will contribute to the rapid growth that K2 Energy Solutions Inc. is experiencing, providing increased job opportunities to Henderson and the Las Vegas Valley which are among the hardest hit economies in the country.

“This opportunity allows us to showcase technology created by K2 Energy and help us reach our goal of expanding our manufacturing capacity in Henderson, Nevada,” said Stewart Graham, VP of Operations, K2 Energy.