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  • Albemarle on Lithium Innovations to Fuel Electrification - BATTERY POWER NEWS | At the International Battery Seminar last month, Job Rijssenbeek outlined how Albemarle functions within the lithium-ion battery ecosystem and what the company is doing to be a team player. more..
  • Battery Innovator Award and Panasonic’s Cylindrical Cell Preferences - BATTERY POWER NEWS | Shoichiro Watanabe, CTO of Panasonic Energy, accepted the Shep Wolsky Battery Innovator Award last month at the 2024 International Battery Seminar. In his address, Watanabe championed the three-fold improvement in battery energy density seen over the last 30 years of development and expressed appreciation for the increased adoption of electric vehicles… more..
  • Tesla’s Tape Tests: Optimizing Small Things - BATTERY POWER NEWS | Steve He from Tesla wanted to talk about adhesive tape. At the 2024 International Battery Seminar, He explored the “little things” that can impact battery life and efficiency and discussed Tesla’s plans to optimize. more..
  • The Cutting Edge in Lithium-Ion Batteries: Electrolyte Movement - BATTERY POWER NEWS | The International Battery Seminar and Exhibit welcomed more than 2,100 participants to Orlando, Florida, this month. Professor Jeffrey Dahn, Dalhousie University, reported on electrolyte movement and his quest to extend the lifetime of batteries. more..
  • Best of Show Winners Named for the 2024 International Battery Seminar - BATTERY POWER NEWS | At last week’s International Battery Seminar & Exhibit winners and honorable mention awardees of the Best of Show Awards included entries from Semplastics/X-BATT, Amprius Technologies, Enovix Corporation, EVE Energy Company, and Westwater Resources.  more..
  • Lithium Supply for the EV Transition - BATTERY POWER ONLINE | Lithium is but one piece in the complex and interwoven battery supply chain. As the US seeks to onshore manufacturing, the landscape for lithium and other battery components will continue to evolve. At the recent Advanced Automotive Battery Conference (AABC), a host of speakers tackled the challenges in securing lithium for… more..
  • Best of Show Finalists Named for the 2024 International Battery Seminar - BATTERY POWER NEWS | Dozens of companies are showcasing new products at next week’s International Battery Seminar & Exhibit, and 17 have been named finalists in the Best of Show People’s Choice Awards. The Florida Battery community is invited to identify exceptional innovation in technologies in the battery space, voting on the most impactful new… more..
  • The Kinetic Advantages of Lithium-Indium Anodes - BATTERY POWER NEWS | A group from Cornell has reported lithium ion coin cell batteries that charge in five minutes and can cycle at least 1,000 times while providing energy density on par with commercial products. Their work deals with optimizing the kinetics of lithium ion diffusion and reaction in the anode, and it led… more..

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Industry Spotlight

How to Keep your Lithium-ion Gigafactory Consistently Dry
What’s more important than ensuring a safe, consistent manufacturing environment? Whether you struggle with fluctuating moisture loads or if you’re wondering how increased humidity levels could be impacting battery life and quality – consistent, ultra-low dew point levels are only achieved by the right dehumidification system.

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Industry Spotlight

Powerful, Fast and Compact Leak Detector
The ASM 306 S sniffer leak detector is designed for fast and repeatable measurements, whether helium or hydrogen is used as tracer gas. It offers the highest testing reliability to increase productivity and quality levels and has a fast recovery time.