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  • A Combination of Battery Physics and New Chemistries Will Accelerate Electrification - BATTERY POWER INSIGHTS | New battery chemistries come with tradeoffs. While much attention has been paid to chemistry, the battery cell and electrode design (the physics, as it can also be understood) has not been sufficiently considered. Let’s explore some of today’s trending chemistries and how design can help. more..
  • Lithium Ions Traversing the Trees: A Cellulose-based Solid Electrolyte - BATTERY POWER NEWS | The race is on for a solid-state battery that could enhance the safety and performance of energy storage for applications such as electric vehicles, consumer electronics, and intermittent renewable energy utilization. Enter Liangbing Hu and the copper-coordinated cellulose solid electrolyte. In a simple Pyrex baking dish, the team modified cellulose nanofibrils… more..
  • StoreDot Announces EV Manufacturing Advance, New Patent, California Hub - BATTERY POWER ONLINE | StoreDot has made several updates this month, most recently their manufacture of silicon-dominant anode XFC cell technologies, ready for electric vehicles, on a production line. more..
  • New Products, Partnerships and Technology Across the Battery Industry - BATTERY POWER NEWS | Across the batteries industry, new products include offerings from Eaton, Sensata Technologies, and Green Cubes; company updates and developments from SK Innovation, 6K, Aqua Metals, American Battery Technology Company; and new technology developments from Group14 Technologies and Farasis. more..
  • US Automotive Batteries Stride Forward - BATTERY POWER NEWS | At The Battery Show and Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo in Novi, Michigan, on the edge of Detroit, several thousand battery and EV engineers and enthusiasts came together with 550 exhibitors to discuss the latest developments in battery technology, shifting consumer demands, market trends, supply chain expansion, and recycling. more..
  • Safety Testing, Recycling Partnerships, Modular Power for COVID Decontamination - BATTERY POWER NEWS | Updates from the battery industry this month include new UL testing for Urban Electric Power, a partnership for Heritage Battery Recycling and 6K, new facilities for Battery Resourcers, and more. more..
  • Technology and Commercial Developments at the Solid-state Battery Summit 2021 - BATTERY POWER NEWS | The virtual Solid-State Battery Summit brought together leading OEMs, established and start-up battery materials and cell manufacturers, analysts, and institutional researchers earlier this month to discuss progress and challenges on the road to solid-state lithium-ion batteries. more..
  • Unicorn Start-ups Headline the Solid-State Battery Summit - BATTERY POWER NEWS | Billion dollar start-ups, unicorns, are becoming increasingly common in the lithium battery sector as companies vie for a share of the exponentially growing electric vehicle market. The annual Solid-State Battery Summit featured keynote presentations from the CTOs of two such unicorns and leaders in the emerging business of solid-state batteries: Tim… more..

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Vacuum Technology for Li-ion Batteries

Vacuum Technology for Li-ion Batteries
Pfeiffer Vacuum offers solutions for Li-ion battery production including drying, filling under vacuum and leak testing. For drying processes under vacuum or pre-evacuation prior to electrolyte filling there are dry and oil-sealed standard and ATEX pumps. Leak testing systems with air and tracer gases for components like cell covers, modules, packs and coolant circuits ensure battery performance.

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Industry Spotlight

Experience our new 3D series on the different leak detection methods!
Ranging from leak localization over integral testing to sniffing and bombing testing.