Battery Design Guide for Portable Electronics

Ultralife Corp.

Today’s world is becoming more and more portable. The wireless and cordless revolution in the electronics industry has increased the demands and requirements for portable power at an incredible rate. One does not walk into a room often without seeing a portable appliance of some type, whether it is a cellular phone, cordless power tool, PDA or notebook computer.To this end, the needs of battery design within complex systems are more important than ever.

Batteries are “electrochemical” devices, which means that energy is stored in chemical form that is then converted into electrical energy. As many have experienced in basic chemistry class, chemical reactions are strongly influenced by environmental factors. Many reactions speed up tenfold or higher by applying heat to the reaction via a burner or a hot plate, and slow considerably when placed in ice. These same reactions and environmental influences effect batteries in a similar manner, and can affect the design of a finished system dramatically.

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