US Battery Aids Michigan State Police in an Operation to Apprehend Battery Thieves

US Battery Manufacturing aided the Michigan State Police in apprehending thieves who were stealing deep-cycle batteries from RV dealerships. After more than 80 batteries were stolen from multiple thefts in a single location, the Michigan State Police Technical Service Unit contacted US Battery Manufacturing to assist them with a plan that would help apprehend the suspects responsible.

Specialist Trooper Paul Gonyeau, of the Michigan State Police Fifth District Technical Services Unit, asked US Battery to supply the Michigan State Police with several empty battery cases. “It was subsequently determined that the use of batteries equipped with live GPS units would be the most effective method,” said Specialist Trooper Paul Gonyeau. The plan would allow the team to monitor, identify and apprehend the suspects involved, without alerting them to the presence of law enforcement. “We were able to make the appropriate modifications and enclose live GPS units in the US Battey cases,” said Gonyeau. “These units were then put into place at the R.V. dealer and monitored.”

According to Gonyeau, it only took a few weeks until the suspects struck again, stealing more than a dozen batteries. Two of the batteries stolen were the US Battery cases equipped with the GPS units. “Within moments of the theft, the suspects were being monitored by law enforcement and stopped within a few miles of the RV dealer with all of the stolen batteries still in their possession. During interviewing, the main suspect admitted to all of the previous thefts,” said Gonyeau. “Thanks to the assistance of US Battery, this operation was very successful!”

“We were more than willing to assist Michigan State Police in this operation,” says Dwayne Porter, Marketing Manager US Battery Manufacturing. “Lead and other metals have become more valuable recently making battery theft a more lucrative business for thieves. We were proud to be given this opportunity and will always do our part to prevent crime whenever possible.”

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