Canara and Saft Partner to Provide Li-Ion Technology for Mission Critical Facilities

April 30, 2018 | News Brief | Canara, a provider in critical power analytics and facility management services and Saft, a provider in advanced Li-ion technology backup battery solutions, have entered into a strategic partnership. This new partnership brings safe, reliable, purpose-built Super Lithium Iron Phosphate (SLFP) proprietary battery technology to data centers.

Saft’s Flex’ion battery system is designed for high-power UPS applications in data centers and mission-critical facilities in the telecom, oil, gas, and utility markets. The battery system features a reduced footprint, with one-third of the volume and one-sixth of the weight compared to lead-acid designs, 10 times more cycle life and maintenance-free cells, while providing 20 years calendar life.

“All Li-ion chemistries are not created equal and it is important to select the specification that best meets the needs of your application. We designed the Flex’ion system with power density, long life, and safety as they are the three most important factors that meet the data center market needs,” said Guy Ragault, general manager at Saft North America. “With Canara as our partner, we are able to offer our proven SLFP technology to some of the largest data centers in the world.”

“Canara is excited to be one of Saft’s selected partners. The relationship allows us to keep our customers updated on the latest battery technologies and help them transition from VRLA to lithium technology when appropriate,” said Tom Mertz, CEO of Canara.

Li-ion technology is well suited for data center UPS, ancillary power backup and switchgear applications which typically involve temperature controlled environments, high power density requirements and installations where light weight, small footprint and low consumption are at a premium.

In addition to the physical benefits of Flex’ion lithium-ion battery system, monitoring hardware capabilities are embedded at the battery, module and cabinet level. Canara’s hardware-agnostic analytics and monitoring platform can  interface with Saft’s system and closely monitor the performance of each battery to ensure uptime and to achieve optimum service life.