Advanced Thermal Batteries, Inc. Receives Contract from Lockheed Martin Company

Advanced Thermal Batteries, Inc. (ATB, Inc.), the US division of ASB Group, has been awarded a multi-million dollar contract from Lockheed Martin Company, Dallas, TX, for the qualification of a thermal battery system.

ATB has been working with US  defense contractors since 2006. This award from Lockheed Martin acknowledges ATB as a key supplier of thermal batteries to the defense industry. As the requirements for advanced technologies continue to progress, ATB will strengthen its position in the thermal battery industry.

ATB combines the technical expertise and assets of Saft America, Inc. with the technology of ASB Group, to provide the US marketplace with an advanced domestic thermal battery company focusing on product and technology excellence. ATB’s quality system is AS9100C certified. For more than 7 years, ATB has been providing advanced thermal battery solutions for missiles, rockets and launch vehicles to the Defense Industry, Aerospace Industries and to Defense Laboratories. ATB continues to invest heavily in research and development to keep its technology leadership position and offers the widest range of thermal battery technologies, including improvement of its patented LAN anode, which enables ATB to optimize the battery’s performance, while offering competitive pricing.

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