Miyachi America Announces ISB 800A/1400A DC Inverter-Controlled Welding Power Supply

Miyachi America Corp. has announced the availability of the ISB-800A and ISB-1400A resistance welding power supplies, mid-frequency-inverters with precision waveform control to ensure high quality welding.

Mid-frequency controls supply continuous power resulting in shorter weld times, excellent thermal efficiency, minimal heat-affected zones, and low power consumption. The ISB inverters are ideal for a wide range of resistance welding applications including wire termination, battery tabs, motor armature tang fusing, Tombstone welding, and sheet metal fusing as found in the aerospace, automotive, battery or electronic components industries. Requiring much smaller and lighter weight transformers than other resistance welding power supply technologies, these units are well suited for integration into automated production lines.

The ISB-800A model has a maximum primary output of 800A with a maximum secondary current setting of 40kA. The ISB-1400A has a maximum primary output of 1400A with a maximum secondary current setting of 80kA. In addition to adjustable inverter frequency from 600 to 3000 Hz in 100 Hz increments, ISB inverters feature up to 255 programmable weld schedules. Closed loop feedback, pulse limit control, and voltage compensation features deliver unprecedented resistance welding process control, while the ground fault and short-circuit protections better ensure safety.