Quick Cable Announces a Safe Way to Transport Leaky Batteries

BoxQuick Cable Corp.  has launched its QuickContain Battery Recycling Kit. This kit meets transportation requirements for shipping used, damaged, or leaking batteries. Itʼs ready-to-use with printed transportation markings and all needed packaging materials contained within a self-closing UN 4G rated fiberboard box.

Transporting used, damaged, or leaking batteries can be dangerous and costly. Improper
transportation methods may cause personal harm or property damage, and may lead to
hefty fines related to environmental cleanup. Quick Cableʼs QuickContain Battery
Recycling Kit makes it easy to transport as there are no additional material required. Four
layers of packaging materials are included to assure that the battery is sealed and safely
secured inside the kit.

Due to its cardboard construction and patented design, the kit is more lightweight and
economical than its plastic bucket counterpart; yet still offering a certified alternative to
transport a leaking or damaged battery. This kit was tested under transportation
performance requirements for UN2794 contents, and is UN 4G certified by a DOT UN
third-party testing facility recognized under UN-4G/Z28.2/S/14/USA/+AI4428.
“This product is perfect for anyone who handles and transports damaged batteries,” said
Paul Johnson, vice president of Sales and Marketing at Quick Cable Corp. “You
have peace of mind knowing that damaged batteries are packed securely away, and they
wonʼt be leaking all over the place.”