CR2032 Off Board Mounting Battery Holders

MPD has invented a new category of lithium coin cell battery holders for the “off board” mounting of lithium coin cell batteries. Designers now have the flexibility to locate lithium coin cell batteries anywhere there is physical room. No soldering tools, chemicals, reflow/wave processing, circuit board required. The two power terminals feature an opening to accept wire leads and double as male connectors mating with common quick connect terminals. Industry standard sizes of 3.6 by 0.38 mm allow these terminals to mate quickly.

Snap Dragon holders increase the reliability of top loading coin cell battery holders through the use of a clear snap-on cover piece. The CR2032 is installed into the cover piece, and then snapped onto to the base piece to create a secure CR2032 holder. The design was recently awarded patent status with the US Patent and Trademark Office, further expanding MPD’s portfolio of battery holder technologies.
Snap Dragons are designed to be reliable and trouble-free. With contacts made of nickel-plated phosphor bronze and covered with a gold flash overall for corrosion resistance and increased solderability. The dual pressure contacts are designed to have low electrical resistance and make a tight connection with the battery cell. The base piece is made of lightweight LCP resin and is thin, yet strong while capable of withstanding multiple reflows at 260°C.

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