PowerPlant Portable Back-Up Charger

TYLT has released the PowerPlant, a portable back-up charger with unique built-in Flex charging arm.  The PowerPlant has a built-in battery that can provide nearly two full charges to most smartphones. The built-in Flex charging arm with Micro-USB or Apple 30-pin connector version means cables can be left at home while on the go. Designed for high-demand power users, the TYLT PowerPlant can rapidly charge one mobile device or simultaneously charge two mobile devices at the same time. Convenient LEDs indicate the remaining battery capacity.

The TYLT PowerPlant’s 2.1 amp circuit will rapidly charge today’s smartphones and most tablets as well. With a fully-charged 5,200 mAh lithium-ion battery, it can provide a smartphone with two full charges or two smartphones with up to one full charge each. The PowerPlant automatically starts charging when a mobile device is plugged in. It automatic shuts off to help ensure conservation of valuable battery life, so that energy is saved and available for when need. The Powerplant can be recharged by plugging any Micro-USB charger into it, whether it’s at home or in the car.

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