IntelliBatt Rolls Out an Intelligent Battery Cabinet

IntelliBatt cabinet, which features a built-in battery monitoring system that is visible via integrated in-door viewing panels, and includes the ability to accommodate different battery sizes and terminal configurations as well as an active heat dissipation system to maintain optimum temperature, all designed to further increase battery life.

IntelliBatt customers have benefited from 100 percent up-time. This is achieved because the continuous flow of data, gathered by the IntelliBatt monitoring nodes, synchronizes with a cloud-based NOC and is backed by 7×24 support and operator analysis. This, combined with access to data history from more than 1 million batteries, allows IntelliBatt to deliver predictive trending for reliability management along with asset management for critical power systems. This combination provides security and peace of mind, allowing data center operators to know about problems before they occur and act to preempt outages.

Inadequately designed cabinets can get hot and end up shortening battery asset life. IntelliBatt added thermostatic control and an active heat dissipation system that relies on dual fans to create a chimney effect by drawing air up and out of the cabinet, thus maintaining optimum temperature and increasing battery life.

Through the integrated in-door viewing panels, operators can easily check the key indicators on the controller, the status of every battery and even inspect the terminals. Likewise, the cabinet features an in-door access panel that allows for the safe and easy operation of the breaker without opening the doors. The IntelliBatt Cabinet comes complete with batteries, breaker and monitoring system, and can be completely pre-commissioned to IEEE standards as an integrated system.

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