Dow Kokam Provides Energy-Dense Li-Ion Batteries to Bring NEOMA from Concept to Reality

French electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer LUMENEO to power the NEOMA EV. The all-electric ultra-compact car can seat four passengers in a vehicle. Dow Kokam is supplying its XSYST 7 kWh lithium-ion energy system, featuring water thermal management, which increases vehicle range in winter and improves battery lifetime and safety. LUMENEO worked closely with Dow Kokam to incorporate this advanced battery solution in the flexible NEOMA vehicle.

Each NEOMA will feature two Dow Kokam XSYST 7 kWh batteries, for a 14 kWh system that gives each vehicle up to 140 kilometers of electric-only range, and requires four hours to recharge. Dow Kokam’s battery system, coupled with LUMENEO’s electric motor, provide highly efficient performance, and can reach speeds of up to 110 km/h. The NEOMA is well suited for routine urban driving, and its all-electric system means the NEOMA generates no CO2 emissions, smoke or noise when it is running; greatly improving the driving experience.

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