3.7 Volt Lithium Polymer Rechargeable Cells and Packs

Providing design engineers with a compact, lightweight and reliable power source for portable medical, industrial and consumer electronic devices, the Renata Batteries division of the Swatch Group, has introduced a comprehensive series of 3.7 V lithium ion polymer rechargeable batteries that combine a high energy density with a low-profile, flexible, prismatic package. Designated the ICP series, the batteries feature proven gel electrolyte technology, while optionally incorporating an internal safety circuit that provides fail-safe protection against over-charging or deep discharge.

“These new rechargeable lithium polymer batteries are up to 20 percent lighter than conventional cylindrical cell batteries, and the flexible packaging enables design engineers to utilize thinner batteries for many OEM applications,” said Sharon Rossi, OEM sales director at Renata Batteries North America. “By adding rechargeable lithium polymer cells to our battery portfolio, we have significantly expanded the range of applications we can support for our customers’ designs.”

The ICP series lithium polymer batteries are available in approximately 25 UL listed standard cell sizes. They feature a nominal voltage of 3.7 V (voltage range 4.2 V to 3.0 V), and are available with a built-in safety circuit and either AWG 30 wire, tab or connector contacts. Custom sizes are also available.

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