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Quest Controls Receives Patent for its Smart Adaptive Control HVAC Economizer Algorithm

May 30, 2019



FL - Florida

United States

Quest Controls, Inc. is pleased to announce that the company has received a Patent for its Smart Adaptive Control HVAC Economizer Algorithm.  The first two products to employ the algorithm are the RSC 1000™ and the TELSEC® ESB.  Both are capable of controlling economizers for HVAC systems and saving significant energy costs through free cooling.  Both products provide unique algorithms that deploy smart adaptive control of economizers to optimize energy savings at remote sites.  The RSC 1000 and the TELSEC ESB enable customers to maintain a stable and safe operating environment (temperature and humidity) within their sites while maximizing electricity savings by reducing HVAC compressor run times.

Users of this new energy saving HVAC Economizer technology include Telecom Wireless, Telecom Wireline, Cable, Satellite, Utility, Communications, Fiber Optics Transportation, Oil and Gas Pipelines companies, and other customers with remote standalone sites utilizing HVAC systems with Economizers.

The RSC 1000™ is capable of controlling up to four HVAC systems in any site and offers a graphical, color touch screen interface to provide simple yet sophisticated onsite management of the facility.  The algorithm also greatly improves the way users interact with the RSC 1000, making the controller more intuitive and easier to use.  Configuring the RSC 1000 with new installations, troubleshooting problems, and scheduling maintenance are all easily managed through the touch screen.  The RSC 1000 provides SNMP traps, email alarm messaging, and a versatile Web Server interface with all of the latest security protocols.

The TELSEC® ESB is capable of monitoring up to 128 universal monitoring points as well as 512 Modbus registers, in addition to controlling HVAC systems and other critical equipment.  The TELSEC ESB is a wall mount configuration that provides a technician-friendly, local interface with its wide backlit LCD display, large and flexible keypad interface, and local craft port.  All active alarms and analog values, such as temperature and humidity, are constantly scrolling across the LCD display for easy review.  The TELSEC ESB provides SNMP traps, email alarm messaging, and a versatile Web Server interface.

Quest Controls, Inc.  designs, manufactures, and markets a complete family of remote surveillance products that provide monitoring, control, and energy management solutions for the power utility, telecommunications, cable, and commercial industries.  The TELSEC®, OspreyFMS® OspreyDCM™ and BACnet product and server software families provide alarm performance, monitoring, control, energy savings, and test of a facility’s critical operating environment and equipment to maintain and ensure each facility’s smooth and continuous operation.  Quest Controls, Inc. also provides installation services as well as 24/7 monitoring and service contracts.

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