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Ice Energy Signs International Distribution Partner Agreement with Fuji Bridex

May 1, 2019


Costa Mesa


United States

Ice Energy, the leading provider of distributed thermal energy storage solutions, announced that it has signed an international distribution agreement with leading global electrical and engineering company, Fuji Bridex Pte Ltd. Under the agreement, Fuji Bridex will market, install and service Ice Energy’s commercial and residential Ice Bear systems across Singapore, Japan, Australia and Southeast Asia.

“We are pleased to partner with Fuji Bridex to extend the benefits of our Ice Bear thermal battery technology to a highly promising market,” said Marcel Christians, co-COO of Ice Energy. “We’ve had continuous interest from Southeast Asia and Australia about our systems, which is understandable given the needs of the regional grids and the importance of clean, cost-saving cooling. Ice Bears are a highly reliable and effective storage resource that help reduce electrical load to flatten peak demand and lower electricity costs, while maintaining a cool, comfortable environment in homes and at work.”

About Fuji Bridex

Fuji Electric of Japan acquired BRIDEX in 2014 to form a new global conglomerate, Fuji Bridex. Fuji Bridex builds off of BRIDEX’s more than 40 years of electrical and engineering experience in South-East Asia and Australia. Since 1978, BRIDEX was consistently chosen as the partner of choice for leading electrical projects, as it provides stakeholders with local electrical engineering footprint and experience powered by global partners - from system designs and integration, implementation and customization solutions. BRIDEX established a network of regional locations that ensure its people, systems and services are available where and when you need them. Enhancing the Fuji Electric Global mission, Fuji Bridex strengthens the Group’s focus on its suite of comprehensive power and energy-related solutions to the electrically–challenged and Green environment. For more information visit

About Ice Energy
Ice Energy is a leading energy storage provider for the grid. Its thermal energy storage products deliver behind-the-meter storage for commercial and industrial HVAC, refrigeration and process cooling systems, as well as for home AC, providing peak capacity to over 40 utility service territories nationwide. The company has installed 15 megawatts (MW) of energy storage and has contracts to install another 30 MW. The company is expanding quickly in the U.S. and internationally. For more information, visit