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Quest Controls Introduces OspreyDCM™ Software, a Power System Monitoring and Operational Management Solution

February 27, 2019




United States

After extensive research and development, Quest Controls announces the release of OspreyDCM, a premier power monitoring and management platform. OspreyDCM was designed for users to quickly and efficiently monitor large volumes of power equipment through a refined intuitive interface. Aggressively priced, OspreyDCM hosts a robust set of features for unlimited monitoring and alarming of PDUs, DC Plants, UPSs and other SNMP communicating critical power equipment.

OspreyDCM’s customizable dashboard rolls up data from the building level down to the outlet, personalizing metrics delivery for each user. Auto-discovery tools facilitate connecting directly to power systems and commissioning within minutes.  Configuration options for refining settings and alarm points contribute to OspreyDCM’s seamless onboarding. In addition, OspreyDCM provides a suite of drag and drop tools for designing graphical representations of buildings and elevations for racks and rows down to the individual PDU. Scott Hicks, VP of Engineering Services at Quest Controls, noted that, “With ever-increasing workplace demands, it is paramount for power monitoring deployments to be swift and flawless, alleviating workloads and increasing productivity. OspreyDCM is that product.”

Additionally, advanced alarming features of OspreyDCM provide multiple tiers of data management and an unlimited number of alarm conditions including multi-site event criteria. Options for SNMP TRAP filtering as well as utilizing OspreyDCM as an alarm poller are available. Customized messaging and real-time critical data delivery through the OspreyDCM Android and iOS Apps make power monitoring effortless.

Using OspreyFMS® as a springboard, Quest Controls developed OspreyDCM focusing on the end-user’s experience. Ben Shipley, Director of Software sales at Quest Controls, commented, “We are really excited about OspreyDCM, it is the culmination of a lot of passion and experience extending from our application & software engineers all the way to our NOC technicians. With our understanding of power and alarming requirements, it was a logical progression to build OspreyDCM. It really is a unique, amazing product, that is likewise priced to make an impact in the datacenter market.”


Quest Controls, Inc. designs, manufactures, and markets a complete family of remote surveillance products that provide monitoring, control, and test solutions for the telecommunications, cable, utilities and commercial industries. Product offerings include hardware, enterprise class software, and peripherals. The TELSEC® product family, RSC1000™ and OspreyFMS®, provide alarm performance, monitoring, control, and test of a facility’s critical operating environment and equipment to maintain and ensure each facility’s smooth and continuous operation.  Quest Controls, Inc. also provides installation services as well as 24/7 monitoring and service contracts.

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