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AMADA WELD TECH Announces the Release of the WL-300A Precision Laser Welding Workstations

June 17, 2024




United States

AMADA WELD TECH Inc. announces the new WL-300A precision laser welding workstations, configured for continuous wave (CW) or quasi-continuous wave (QCW) fiber lasers. Typical applications include welding of metals, and select plastics, particularly for battery applications.

The WL-300A incorporates a laser, motion, cameras, a process monitor, and other accessories. The system is a CDRH Class 1 workstation designed for low to medium-volume production with an operator load/unload of the parts. It is a smaller, standardized version of the company’s highly configurable Delta workstation and is based on the space saving compact platform design of the WL-P300A. The standalone enclosure includes an ergo-arm for computer and display.

This product comes standard with an air-cooled CW or QCW fiber laser integrated into the base. Optionally, a floor-standing LF model laser could be integrated and used with the workstation.

Beam delivery is through a galvo scanning head. There are two options for lenses with 163mm (70 mm x 70 mm field size) and 330 mm (188 mm x 188 mm field size).

Up to 4 axes of motion can be used within the enclosure and are controlled through marker motion. The Z axis is standard for all models and has a 200 mm stroke.  The XY table has a 150 mm x 150 mm stroke. There are various options for rotary stages with the most common being a 1:1 belt-driven device.

An off-axis camera system for viewing the welding area comes as standard; on-axis camera viewing is optional. Additional options include: a weld monitoring kit, an air-knife, and a cover gas module.

The workstation also provides easy part fixturing using an M6 threaded hole pattern mounting base plate. A fume extraction port is included with flexible tubing to extract harmful fumes created during the laser process.

The WL-300A can handle a wide variety of welding types including spot welding, spiral welding, wobble welding and seam welding.

Software features include a powerful, user-friendly Windows 11 compatible Windows®-based job editor, easy CAD vector file importing tools, multi-language support, and an advanced DXF filter with process optimization. Also available is password protected security lockout.

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