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UPS for high-energy applications

June 11, 2024




United States

High-power applications can run more reliably when backed by the new QUINT HP AC UPS from Phoenix Contact. The uninterruptible power supply (UPS) includes Phoenix Contact’s UPS IQ technology and battery management system, so technicians can always access important data for quick troubleshooting.

Previously, applications between 1.5 and 2.5 kVA required connecting two UPS modules and four or more batteries in parallel. The modular QUINT HP AC UPS saves space and reduces costs for larger applications. The panel-mounted platform has a battery capacity range of 7-200 amp hours and can monitor up to five battery units.

The new UPS has an expandable battery system, allowing extended run times, and the batteries are hot-swappable, so the whole system does not have to shut down for battery maintenance. The integrated fuses and fan are also easy to replace, extending the service life.

The QUINT HP UPS has a removable communications card for USB and RS-232/RS-485 for easy communication to PCs, RTUs, and HMIs. The Power Management Suite software gives real-time updates about the UPS’s state of charge, buffer time, and energy storage service life. If a power failure occurs, the QUINT HP AC UPS ensures an uninterrupted transition to buffer mode and back again. Mains input and output voltages are synchronous.

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