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Allye launches the MAX Power, establishes new Nürburgring record-breaking trailer lap time.

April 8, 2024




United Kingdom

  • UK clean-tech start-up Allye Energy creates the MAX Power battery energy
    storage system – lighter, faster, more powerful.
  • The high-performance MAX Power, towed by a Tesla Model X Plaid, set a new
    trailer lap record of 11 minutes and 55 seconds.
  • The Allye MAX Power is a technological tour-de-force, with active aerodynamics,
    cutting-edge GaN power electronics, adaptive damping and independent torque
    vectoring setting new standards for battery energy storage.
  • First in a range of high-performance variants from Allye created by its
    skunkworks “E” division, showcasing mobility and power with thoroughbred racetrack

London 01/04/2024: In an electrifying display of power and performance, Allye Energy,
the smart battery technology platform for distributed energy storage at the grid edge,
has shattered records at the legendary Nürburgring Nordschleife with its all-new Allye
MAX Power, leaving competitors (quite literally) stationary.

Towing the lightweight, high-performance Allye MAX Power behind a Tesla Model X
Plaid, the dynamic duo set the track ablaze, clocking in a mind-blowing lap time of 11
minutes and 55 seconds, breaking a six-year-old lap record by 11 seconds!
The previous lap record, held by a Porsche Panamera ST towing a Moetefindt FTP235
trailer, has been consigned to the history books as the Allye MAX Power swooped in
to claim its rightful place at the top of the trailer podium.

The secret behind this record-smashing performance is the work of Allye’s new highperformance
skunkworks, “E”. Set-up to explore the boundaries of mobile energy
storage performance, “E” (or AllyE as its referred to internally) adopts the best of
British racing and motorsport heritage.

Lorenzo Bergamaschi, CTO and Co-Founder of Allye commented:
“The Allye MAX Power is a potent combination of power, precision, and a touch of
wizardry thanks to our engineers at Allye Energy. With a 1000kW output from the Allye
Max Power, coupled with 750kW from the Tesla Model X Plaid, the two combine for a
whopping power output of 1750kW - this dynamic duo redefines what it means to be
electrically exhilarating.”

The Allye MAX Power didn't just roll up to the track; it strutted in with a sleeker, lighter,
and meaner profile. Shedding a whopping 900kg, thanks to ingenious weight-saving
measures like carbon fibre body panels and a lightweight composite structure, this
trailer means business.

The aerodynamics of the MAX Power are much improved thanks to a lower ride height
and the addition of an active front splitter, rear diffuser, and roof-mounted spoiler
which is the result of extensive hours spent in the wind tunnel. With moveable wings
capable of generating up to 500kg of downforce in Race mode, this trailer sticks to the
track like glue, giving the confidence to push the limits.

Under the hood - or rather, under the trailer - lies a marvel of engineering. Compact
and lightweight 200kW liquid-cooled converters, featuring cutting-edge GaN
semiconductors, deliver power directly to two independent 300kW motors, each
driving the wheels of this race-spec trailer. With adaptive damping and independent
torque vectoring, cornering has never been more agile for a mobile battery energy
storage system.

Finally, the Allye MAX Power isn't just about breaking records; it's about rewriting the
rules of the game. With new race mode software and a dashboard control system,
drivers can tap into regenerative braking to recharge on the move and even activate a
'push to pass' mode for an extra boost of 100kW for 10 seconds. In short, the Allye
MAX Power isn't just a trailer; it's a revolution on wheels, showcasing the pinnacle of
automotive technology and the future of clean, electrifying performance.

The Allye MAX Power is a showcase of what’s to come from the E division at Allye.
Buckle up and brace yourselves, because with the Allye leading the charge, the future
of high-performance mobile energy storage just got a whole lot more electrifying!


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