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ZAPBATT Unleashes Toshiba’s Lithium Titanium Oxide (SCiB™) Technology with Revolutionary Battery Operating System—Now Available

March 19, 2024




United States

  • In a strategic collaboration with Toshiba, ZAPBATT launches its revolutionary Battery Operating System (bOS), initially focusing on Toshiba’s Battery SCiB™ Lithium Titanium Oxide (LTO) chemistry for integration across a variety of applications.
  • Designed for unparalleled flexibility, the bOS facilitates the integration of alternative battery chemistries into any market.
  • This technology is now available using SCiB™ for implementation in a wide range of products—from cordless tools and appliances to e-bikes and industrial automation.

With the global battery market expected to grow 30 percent annuallyZAPBATT is at the forefront of this surge with its pioneering bOS, a technology developed by ZAPBATT to serve as the “universal adapter” for battery chemistries. Now available, this groundbreaking system showcases the company’s unique approach to accelerate adoption of advanced battery chemistries by seamlessly integrating them into existing applications.

In a strategic move to harness the exceptional properties of advanced battery chemistries, ZAPBATT has expanded their collaboration with Toshiba, using their SCiB™ technology as the initial focus for the bOS application. This collaboration leverages the strengths of SCiB™ technology, renowned for its fast charging and discharging, extremely long lifecycle, wide operating temperature, and safety–to broaden its application across consumer and industrial products.

"Integrating our SCiB™ technology with ZAPBATT's bOS represents a leap forward in energy storage," says Greg Mack, VP & General Manager at Toshiba. "Breaking through technological and cost barriers to enter markets previously out of reach, our technology can now be applied across a wider spectrum of markets. This effort showcases not only the exceptional performance of SCiB™ chemistry but also our joint commitment to sustainability and innovation.”

Addressing Current Limitations

The dominance of standard Lithium-Ion battery chemistries in today's market is largely due to the perceived ease of integration and lower upfront costs. However, this widespread adoption overlooks the nuanced needs of diverse applications, where alternative battery chemistries, such as Toshiba's proven SCiB™, could significantly enhance performance, durability, and safety. The true potential of these innovative chemistries remains largely untapped, hindered by high investment barriers, a lack of awareness, and complex integration challenges stemming from differing voltage and power requirements.

Operating systems have revolutionized the adoption and ease of use in cell phones and computers—ZAPBATT is now bringing this level of adaptability to the world of modern batteries, heralding a new era in energy storage solutions.

ZAPBATT's bOS acts as a universal adapter, seamlessly integrating SCIB™ and other advanced battery chemistries into various applications by precisely tailoring diverse voltage and power requirements.

Unlike traditional battery management systems, the bOS enables the adoption of optimal battery chemistries without significant investment in battery infrastructure or modifications to existing electrical components. Its innovative software/hardware enables adaptive and scalable input and output voltage regulation, enhancing safety with no risk of overcharge or thermal runaway, and ensuring performance with meticulous cell-by-cell control. The fully programmable voltage output allows the battery to mimic how any device operates, while the programmable voltage input gives access to fast charging off standard infrastructure.

"Our goal was to create a system that not only meets today's energy storage demands but also anticipates and adapts to future advancements," explains Charles Welch, CEO and Co-Founder of ZAPBATT. “What sets the bOS apart is its unique and pioneering approach; unlike traditional battery companies focused on refining a single chemistry or developing new ones, we're advocating for a more open and flexible solution. The bOS acts much like an operating system that can run on any phone—or, in our case, work with any battery chemistry. This open-source philosophy maximizes the ability for users to seamlessly adopt the best battery to power their exact use case. As more advanced chemistries continue to emerge, ZAPBATT will serve as a conduit, streamlining their integration into various markets in a cost-effective and straightforward manner. This adaptability highlights our role in energy storage technology to make the future of electrification both widely accessible and sustainable."

Additional highlights of ZAPBATT’s Battery Operating System with Toshiba’s Battery SCiB™ include:

  • Rapid Charging – Achieves 80% charge in under 6 minutes, resulting in remarkably lower turnaround times.
  • Extended Lifespan – Over 20,000 cycles, significantly extending battery longevity, even with fast charging/discharging.
  • Enhanced Safety – Very low risk of fire or explosion caused by internal short circuits.
  • Rapid Discharging – Supports demanding applications by maintaining performance without overheating or significant voltage drops.
  • Operational in Extreme Cold – Charge and discharge at temperatures as low as -30°C, broadening usage scenarios.
  • Wide State of Charge Range – Ability to access the full battery and supply full energy even under demanding loads.
A Win for Product Manufacturers

ZAPBATT enables product manufacturers to adopt new battery hardware at software speeds. Beyond leveraging advanced chemistries like SCiB™ cells, ZAPBATT thrives in synthesizing this external chemistry with its bOS to produce customized battery solutions tailored and built to unique specifications. This innovation ensures seamless compatibility with manufacturers' existing components and system requirements, significantly streamlining the journey from concept to market-ready product.

Toshiba’s SCiB™ technology has already demonstrated significant potential in industrial applications and robotics. By incorporating ZAPABATT bOS into SCiB™, it can be used in a wider range of products—from e-mobility solutions to cordless appliances and lawn tools. This collaboration highlights the system’s versatility and efficiency, underscoring the possibility of expanding into new markets where the exceptional performance and reliability of SCiB™ can be fully utilized.

The message to product manufacturers is clear: focus on innovating and perfecting your products and let ZAPBATT handle the complexities of battery integration. This partnership approach underscores ZAPBATT's unique position in the industry, not just as an integrator of Toshiba’s Battery SCiB™ but as a creator of complete, optimized battery solutions that are prepared to meet the multifaceted demands of the energy storage needs of today and tomorrow.

ZAPBATT has successfully showcased bOS product integrations across several markets. For more information or to schedule a demo, please visit


ZAPBATT is at the forefront of battery technology with the first of its kind Battery Operating System (bOS), dedicated to delivering advanced solutions in a simple manner that meets and addresses the complex demands of modern energy storage and management. Through strategic partnerships, ZAPBATT aims to revolutionize the energy storage industry, making fully optimized and sustainable energy storage accessible to all.

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