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Unico Expands Battery Test and EV Charging Product Portfolio with Acquisition of Present Power Systems

February 5, 2024




United States

This strategic acquisition reinforces Unico’s commitment to broadening its market presence by expanding its current product portfolio in the standard electric vehicle (EV) testing market and adding new products in the battery testing and EV charging space. Through the acquisition, Unico will adopt Present Power Systems’ diverse portfolio of cutting-edge solutions for battery cell, module, and pack testing as well as their EV charging technologies, including home chargers and DC fast charging stations, On-Board Chargers (OBC), DC-to-DC converters and inductive wireless charging solutions.

“The acquisition of Present Power Systems fortifies Unico’s commitment to revolutionize the battery test and EV charging landscape,” said Steve Bright, CEO of Unico. “We are excited to integrate PPS’s groundbreaking technologies into our portfolio, enabling us to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions to meet the evolving demands of the electric vehicle market.”

Key Highlights of the Acquisition:

  • All Present Power Systems employees, including CEO Jason Katcha, will seamlessly transition to Unico, ensuring continuous operations and fostering innovation within the integrated team.
  • Present Power Systems' Milwaukee headquarters will remain, serving as a remote product development hub for Unico's expanding R&D endeavors.
  • Unico gains access to Present Power Systems' cutting-edge technology suite, leading the charge in new, flexible and scalable battery testing solutions and EV fast charging, power-dense onboard charging, and revolutionary inductive charging technologies, catering to an expanding customer base and delivering comprehensive in-house solutions.
  • Leveraging Present Power Systems' rapid prototyping and advanced technology capabilities, Unico plans to industrialize and advance these technologies to pilot and pre-series stages, enabling widespread adoption in the market.

“We are thrilled to join forces with Unico, expanding the horizons for our technology,” said Jason Katcha, president of Present Power Systems. “The opportunity to merge our expertise with Unico’s resources fuels our excitement to propel innovation in the EV and renewable energy sectors forward.”

By integrating Present Power Systems' technology and customer roster with Unico's portfolio, Unico can provide its customers with a broader range of offerings in-house, streamlining operations and fostering a more efficient customer experience for both Unico and PPS customers.

About Unico
Unico, a leader in automation for over 50 years, is accelerating a digital future with the next generation of drive and control systems for testing electric vehicle propulsion systems, maximizing oil production with artificial intelligence, optimizing metal forming with control applications embedded into the drives, and delivering precision control systems for a wide range of applications in the converting industry. Unico utilizes advanced engineering techniques to provide reliable control solutions with an eye on the next generation of manufacturing and testing. Unico is built on a workforce of professionally qualified engineers and consultants to handle the design, installation, commissioning, service, and support. Unico has been certified to comply with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 by AMTec Registrar. Find out more at

About Present Power Systems
Founded in 2018, Present Power Systems is dedicated to designing ultra-compact power electronics with high efficiency at an affordable price, seamlessly transitioning the world towards clean energy.
We exclusively use Silicon-Carbide devices and high-speed FPGA control technology to achieve size and cost reduction. Find more at