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Stryten Energy to Provide Back-Up Battery Systems for U.S. Navy Submarines

September 12, 2023




United States

Alpharetta, Ga., September 12, 2023 – Stryten Energy LLC, a U.S.-based energy storage solutions provider, was recently awarded part of a five-year contract by the Department of Defense for submarine valve regulated lead acid (SVRLA) batteries.


“Stryten Energy is pleased to continue to support the U.S. Navy mission,” said Mike Judd, Chief Executive Officer and President of Stryten Energy. “We appreciate the opportunity to supply the U.S. Navy with Stryten’s domestically manufactured battery solutions and components. We look forward to continuing to build on Stryten Energy’s tenure in supplying the U.S. Navy with reliable, high-quality and top-performing energy storage solutions.”


Stryten’s E-Series SVRLA AGM battery technology is cost-effective, virtually maintenance-free and meets the U.S. Navy’s requirements. Stryten Energy will deliver the batteries and components to the U.S. Navy starting in the fall of 2023 through the summer of 2028.


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