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coatmaster AG Pioneers Spatial Coating Thickness Measurement Solution for Prismatic Battery Cells with its Revolutionary coatmaster 3D System

July 11, 2023





coatmaster AG, the Swiss industry leader in advanced non-contact coating thickness measurement technology, has unveiled a groundbreaking solution to overcome persisting challenges in the production of prismatic battery cells used in e-mobility.

The manufacturing of prismatic battery cells, which are indispensable to the e-mobility industry, involves a specific cuboid geometry. A key component of these cells is an insulating coating, the minimum thickness of which is crucial for maintaining electrical isolation. However, industry-wide issues have plagued the accurate measurement and assurance of this minimal thickness, especially at the cell edges. These issues are compounded by varying factors such as viscosity, surface tension, curing behaviour, edge curvature, and the spatial spray pattern of the coating gun.

Past approaches attempted to measure the coating thickness on the cell's side faces, anticipating a correlation between these values and those at the edges. However, recent studies show only a weak correlation due to the above variables. Additionally, the position of the minimum thickness along the edges is not constant, necessitating a spatial approach to measuring coating thickness.

Responding to this need, coatmaster AG introduces the revolutionary coatmaster 3D non-contact coating thickness measurement system. This cutting-edge tool employs advanced ATO technology to provide spatial measurement of coating thickness across all side faces and edges inline within a split second, ensuring uniform thickness throughout the cell.

Multiple initiatives are already in progress to substitute the previous, inadequate measurement technologies with the novel coatmaster 3D solution. In a remarkably short period, coatmaster 3D has emerged as the new industry standard.

"coatmaster 3D is a major leap forward in the prismatic battery cell production landscape," said Andor Bariska, co-CEO of coatmaster AG. "Not only does it enhance efficiency and quality control, but it also significantly improves the safety and reliability of e-mobility solutions."

coatmaster AG's ground-breaking approach is set to usher in a new epoch in prismatic battery cell manufacturing, underscoring its commitment to continually advance industry standards.