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LithTech launches revolutionary technology that increases the production of lithium for batteries

May 15, 2023



May 7, 2023 | Australian company, LithTech, has launched its 2023 capital raising program to finance the development of its patented magnesium separation technology that significantly increases the brine extraction of critical raw materials, such as nickel, lithium, cobalt, copper, and natural graphite.

The University of Queensland’s Dow Centre has economically and technically endorsed the technology following successful lab-scale testing, allowing the Company to begin commercialising the technology.

Results from the testing showed the technology has the potential to preserve 90-95% of the lithium during the extraction process, which is significant when compared to traditional methods that achieve 40-45% preservation.

“We are very excited to be launching LithTech today following the successful trials and the backing of the University of Queensland’s Dow Centre,” said LithTech’s Director, David Vinson. “We believe we are on track to develop a disruptive technology which will fast track battery grade metal production while generating a higher yield of limited resources.”

Given these results, the Company believes it can help the mining industry increase production and fill the shortages business leaders are concerned may arise from the Chilean government nationalising its lithium industry.

“The International Energy Agency’s Net Zero by 2050 roadmap says the world will need two billion lithium-ion battery electric, plug‐in hybrid and fuel-cell electric light‐duty vehicles. Worldwide reserves stand at approximately 22 million tons, according to the US Geological Survey, which is sufficient to produce just under 2.5 billion batteries but not enough to maintain us for the next hundred years.”

“Given Chile holds an estimated 54% of the world’s lithium reserves, it’s critical we find a means of boosting production, increasing the yield of extraction and preserving this finite resource so manufacturers can produce the batteries needed to supply a carbon-free economy long past 2050.”

“LithTech is one of the first technology companies in the world to provide an avenue to delivering on these goals.”

A versatile technology with multiple use cases & market demand

The versatile technology can also be used to sustainably treat mining waste streams/tailing and treat/desalinate wastewater, while in all use cases, the process produces two valuable by-products — hydrogen (clean fuel) and magnesium hydroxide.

Since sharing the independently verified results, the Company says it has received considerable interest from the mining, hydrogen production and water treatment industries.

“We have received an extremely positive response across our network, which shows there is demand in the market for our product.”

The Company says its technology presents a strong proposition to potential customers across a variety of industries.

“Our groundbreaking technology has the potential to help the world’s largest mining and industrial processing companies unlock significant profits by increasing production, lowering operational costs through increased efficiencies, creating new revenue streams and reducing emissions.”

The modular units can also be retrofitted onto existing infrastructure or used to construct new plants while also reducing costs through increased efficiencies.

The technology can also help companies achieve significant ESG goals:

  • Advanced magnesium separation delivers cost-effective, sustainable disposal of mining waste & the existing 217trn litres of tailings in storage.

  • Low-emissions production of lithium, nickel and other critical raw materials by electrification and reduction of transport and manufacture of raw chemicals.

  • Green by-products generated in all use cases, including magnesium hydroxide, can be used as a sustainable flame retardant & hydrogen for clean energy.

  • The process can sequester carbon.
  • Technology can be used to treat wastewater, which can help third-world countries access affordable, reliable water sources.

The Company is now developing its commercial prototype and securing a project to run commercial trials on.