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Nuvvon Abolishes the Myth that Solid Polymer Electrolytes Have Poor Ionic Conductivity at Room Temperature

October 31, 2022



New Jersey

United States

It is generally assumed that solid polymer electrolytes have poor ionic conductivity at room temperature. Nuvvon has turned this notion on its head. Third-party verified data of their unique solid polymer electrolytes is presented to prove it.

Solid-state battery companies developing oxide and sulfide products suggest that solid polymer electrolytes have struggled with achieving the necessary ionic conductivity at room temperature. One attempted workaround is to increase the operating temperature, which is sub-optimal as it requires external heating. Another is the addition of liquid plasticizers, such as ionic liquids, to increase conductivity. But the amount of liquid plasticizer required for room temperature operation results in poor mechanical properties and subpar thermal aging.

Nuvvon has developed solid polymer electrolytes that overcome this problem. Nuvvon’s polymer electrolytes are completely dry and do not require the addition of ceramic nanomaterials. Nuvvon’s solid polymer electrolytes can also withstand high temperatures (>100oC) without mechanical degradation and demonstrate high ionic conductivity across a wide temperature range (2.2*10-4 S/cm at 0 oC, 4.6*10-3 S/cm at 25oC, 6.6*10-3 S/cm at 80 oC).

Nuvvon’s breakthrough in solid polymer electrolytes enables, for the first time, completely solid-state pouch cells that operate across a wide temperature range without external systems for cooling, heating, or pressure.

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About Nuvvon

Based in NJ, Nuvvon is developing breakthrough solid-state batteries to offer increased safety, higher energy density and lower cost compared to conventional lithium-ion batteries. Nuvvon’s prototype cells operate across a wide temperature range at ambient pressure and are made on standard lithium-ion battery manufacturing equipment. The company is seeking to scale up with investment partners, to move from prototype production to an in-house pilot plant using a standard Li-ion production line.

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