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BSLBATT® fork truck batteries: Safe, Productive and Predictable Power for Hassle-Free Operations

February 16, 2022




BSLBATT's goal is to drive warehousing energy products into the future. Our systems provide a solution for not only where you need to be now, but where you want to be in the future. We're dedicated to providing you with the latest in energy and the lowest total cost of ownership solutions. BSLBATT supports and guides our distributors to be NO.  1 in the Replacement of Lead Acid Battery with LiFePO4 Forklift Battery in the local market

We enable our customers to be as productive and energy-efficient as possible with industry-leading forklifts and complementary technologies.

Optimize efficiency with less downtime!

At present, not only can a superior power option from BSLBATT increase your material handling productivity, but it can also be safer by using built-in multiple protections and software systems with remote monitoring, OTA (over the air), control panel, and BMS (battery management system).

BSLBATT offers a full line of forklift batteries, chargers, and battery handling systems designed to keep your business moving in the most demanding industrial and warehousing environments. Our portfolio of electric forklift batteries and chargers ensures you get more runs per shift, a higher capacity for sustained performance during each shift, and less maintenance downtime.

BSLBATT's robust batteries have a 3 to 4 times longer lifetime than lead-acid batteries but can be recharged in a very short time, as well as having zero maintenance. Converting from lead-acid to lithium-ion is easy, cost-effective, and increases the productivity of the forklift and the operator, and we will give you a final shot with a 5-year warranty.

We are one of the leading suppliers of forklift battery packs and welcome to contact us for picking out and buying!


BSLBATT Li-Ion Battery Model is Engineered for Pack Performance

Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries have the advantages of high specific energy, lightweight, and long cycle life. Furthermore, the LiFePO4 batteries have greater thermal and chemical stability. By helping to extend battery lifespans and performance stability, investors will see improved revenues and returns.

In the context of day-to-day operations, BSLBATT lithium-ion batteries can be charged even during short breaks, such as coffee time or changing shifts; effectively increasing productivity. Whether you have a single-shift or a large fleet working 24/7, fast and opportunity charges can deliver you a hassle-free experience. The only way a lead-acid truck is able to run three shifts is by having three batteries and switching them out between shifts.

LiFePO4 Forklift Battery BSLBATT LiFePO4 Forklift Battery

Remote monitoring & OTA allows the forklifts to speed up service response time

The specially designed 4G module can solve software problems in time and has GPS to lock the forklift if necessary, for the functions of remote software upgrading, remote monitoring, and diagnosing.

The OTA (over the air) system can show all critical battery indexes, like the voltage, current, remaining charging time, and fault alarm. Once in the network system, the systems enable remote checking of vehicle systems, location, services meter readings, energy consumption, and idle time through a computer.

Furthermore, they can display some real-time abnormality codes on the display screen in order to speed up service response time.

BMS delivers the battery & forklift multiple built-in protections

The intelligent BMS (battery management system) automatically prevents over-discharge, charge, voltage, and temperature, as well as virtually eliminating misuse.

What’s more, the system is equipped with a built-in equalization circuit, which can realize full-time equalization. The batteries can be equalized as long as the BMS is in effect so that the battery can maintain long-term consistency and improve the service life of the battery.

The BSLBATT intelligent battery range: 4 systems cover all kinds of applications

Our line of 24v, 36v, 48V, and 80V lithium-ion batteries offer constant communication and data exchange between the lift truck and battery to provide full visibility into the real-time state of charge, fault codes, maintenance, and even enable remote diagnostics and upgrades. Dedicated to providing high-quality solutions, we’ve designed these batteries to seamlessly integrate into our family of forklifts while giving you peace of mind as they have all obtained the UL Listed certification.

While lithium-ion batteries have a higher up-front cost, they typically have a much larger return on investment over their lifetime. If you have questions about lithium batteries for forklifts, we can help!


At BSLBATT Battery, you don’t just buy a battery. You buy a company with an impressive pedigree in the forklift and material handling industry. You’re buying a suite of services that provide what you need to get up and running, and to stay operating at a maximum level including:

● Proper sizing of the battery to your application

●Determining the quickest ROI for your operation



●Accurately calibrating battery to the charger


For more information on intelligent battery solutions, contact us! Ask us about our references on BSLBATT Intelligent Battery Solutions.