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January 7, 2021




United States

MPINarada announces the new IP65 outdoor-rated, UL 1973 certified HELiION FEN Series 48V Lithium LFP battery system.  With innovation and advancements in online technology moving faster than ever, the demand for bandwidth increases exponentially, giving rise to the increased need for secure battery backup solutions. 

The Narada IP65 rated HELiION FEN Series batteries are secure, quality batteries that can be used outside an existing structure, or on a pole, and provide multiple benefits anywhere outdoor power is needed.  The advanced intelligence of the lithium battery technology features a simple installation and load/charge system integration.  Its energy transfer patented technology provides high cell utilization efficiency for a prolonged system operational life.    

“Our HELiIon series has always been instrumental for OSP, telecom, 5G, CATV, rail and other applications,” said Micheal Sirard, Executive Vice President, Technical Operations & Engineering, MPINarada.  “The combined talent of our engineering team has designed an IP65 rated product, making it a critical selection for any outdoor application. “  

Additionally, the LFP lithium chemistry makes it one of the safest technologies suitable for high and low temperature operations and is capable of 1C and higher discharge rates. The innovative technology of the HELiION FEN series, provides an easy to install, fully self-contained, space-saving outdoor application and is a leading solution for the battery market today.  For more information on the HELiIon series, go to


About MPINarada: Since 1994, Narada has been a leader of one of the broadest and most reliable VRLA and lithium battery solutions for telecom, data center, colocation, edge, grid, microgrid, and C&I energy storage.  MPINarada is the North American operation providing local sales support, engineering and design, and multiple inventory locations.