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Empire Screen Printing Delivers Durable,Sustainable and High Performing Labeling Solutions for Outdoor Power Equipmentand Power Tool Manufacturers

December 9, 2020




United States

Empire Screen Printing, a leading manufacturer of screen printed products, announces an extensive selection of label solutions with the durability, performance, and value so critical for outdoor power equipment and power tool manufacturers. Empire labels are designed to perform well outdoors and can withstand the same tough conditions as the tools and equipment themselves. As a cutting-edge print supplier, Empire Screen Printing creates custom products that enrich brand and identity, printed using environmentally safe and sustainable production methods.

Empire closely collaborates with customers to develop customized solutions that improve productivity and ensure quality. Application experts evaluate materials for stability and durability, as well as for compliance with evolving health and safety standards. The team produces samples for testing and conducts rigorous evaluations to ensure labels maintain their form and function under outdoor environmental conditions they will experience. Empire’s extensive label product testing capabilities guarantee that labels meet or exceed label performance requirements while delivering ultimate value.

Sustainability is built into every facet of Empire Screen Printing’s printing processes. As the first company to develop and implement UV LED ink curing technology for screen printing, Empire’s manufacturing process produces no ozone emissions and uses no solvent inks. The LED curing lights are instant on/off, making them extremely efficient to run. Unlike competitors using solvent-based technologies, where 60% is evaporated into the air, 100 percent of what Empire prints ends up on material, and not in the environment.

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About Empire Screen Printing

Empire is a family-owned, award-winning business that prides itself on using environmentally-friendly print methods. A full-service company in OEM and POP markets, Empire produces overlays, vinyl decals, crystal-line domes, nameplates, magnets, and roll labels, using UV LED and UV screening, digital, and flexographic printing.

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