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Battery Streak Announces Prototype Testing

August 6, 2020


Newbury Park


United States

Battery Streak Announces Prototype Testing With Key Industry Partners In Progress

Manufactures that seek a solution to overheating batteries and long charge times are invited to consider Battery Streak’s Ultra Fast Charging technology, “first to market” proprietary process.

Battery Streak is announcing that its ultrafast charging, high power prototypes are being tested by key industry partners in consumer electronics and electric vehicles. Demonstrations are now available.

Battery Streak’s batteries can charge to 80% SOC in less than 10 minutes (6C) making them ideal for applications where 24 hour use and fast energy capture is required, i.e. industrial manufacturing, automated warehouse, and regenerative braking. High power output for sustained periods makes them ideal for power tools, drones, and safety applications.

The patented technology has a unique energy storage mechanism which provides long life, even with ultrafast charging. Virtually no heat is generated during high rate charge and discharge cycles, improving safety and providing economic gains.

Battery Streak batteries store energy differently “...on a surface without chemical phase change, more like a capacitor” according to Matt Lai, Technology Development Manager.