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Ultra-Miniature GPS Saw Filter Will Save Space On Your Design

April 21, 2020




United States

For Immediate Release


Ultra-Miniature GPS Saw Filter Will Save Space On Your Design


Suntsu releases an Ultra-Miniature GPS Saw Filter with a PCB footprint of 1.1mm x 0.9mm. The use of RF Filters in Global Positioning Satellites (GPS) is a necessity, but it is challenging to find smaller package sizes with a low insertion loss.  With the release of this Ultra-Miniature GPS Saw Filter, Suntsu directly addresses these two key challenges. It will provide a typical insertion loss of 0.9dB - 1.6dB at a frequency range of 1559.10MHz to 1605.89MHz within a small package size.


This saw filter also has a simple 50Ω single-ended source and requires no impedance matching.


Key features include:

  • Low loss RF saw filter
  • Ultra-miniature size of 1.1mm x 0.9mm
  • Low insertion attenuation
  • Simultaneous usage of GPS, COMPASS and GLONASS bands
  • No matching required for operation at 50ohms
  • Surface Mount Device (SMD)
  • Electrostatic Sensitive Device (ESD)
  • Moisture sensitivity level 3


Suntsu Datasheet: SFLSR-1BJ-46A1C-1575.42


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