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Join Greentech Media at Grid Edge Innovation Summit

June 7, 2018


San Francisco


United States

Five years ago, we came up with the term "Grid Edge" to describe the shift of the electric sector toward distributed energy and the technologies driving this change. We took a chance on creating an entire research sector of the company around this term and boy, we're glad we did.

Through the years, we've seen a funnel of breakthrough or game changing technology and innovation that seeks to redefine how business gets conducted across the electricity value chain.

This year, we're crafting an event to explore how frontier technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Edge Computing and Blockchain will impact the sector and how market leaders today are innovating core systems at the edge of the grid. The Grid Edge Innovation Summit will examine the energy customer of tomorrow.
* Initial agenda themes include:
* Framing Innovation at the Grid Edge
* Grid Edge Innovation - Managing Frontier Digital Technologies
* Innovating the Core - Existing and Emerging Grid Edge Technologies
* Customer Centricity - Innovating Relationships Behind the Meter

Join us June 20-21 as we bring together the most forward-thinking and prominent members of the energy ecosystem and as our research team explores the future of the market.