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Turn Transfer Switches into Critical Power Information Portals

October 3, 2019


Florham Park

New Jersey

United States

Florham Park, N.J., U.S.A.ASCO Power Technologies, the world’s leading provider of critical power solutions, announces the availability of its updated 5170 Transfer Switch Communication Module. The new device installs in ASCO Automatic Transfer Switches to provide a portal for monitoring and controlling critical power equipment. Click the following links to view the product webpagedatasheet, and video.

Transfer switches provide the ideal location for monitoring critical power systems. Situated between power sources and loads, they offer a pathway for collecting power data and controlling important backup power functions. By adding new digital IO to its existing Ethernet and RS485 capabilities, the 5170 Transfer Switch Communication Module is the best solution for connecting, monitoring, controlling, and securing transfer switches in critical power systems. It unlocks critical power data and shares it with mobile electronics, dedicated annunciators, and sophisticated tools such as the ASCO CPMS and popular building management systems. It enables remote testing of transfer switches and generators, sends real-time notices of power system events and alarms, and provides power information to webpages and monitoring systems.

The 5170 communication module provides essential access that enables users to view and assess power equipment status, events, and trends. Whether its monitoring generator status, reviewing event logs or seeing information presented on dynamic one-line diagrams, the 5170 provides the access needed to make these tools come alive. The newest update brings advanced IO communication features that increase the usefulness and value of data from generators, circuit breakers, and other critical equipment, serving it all ASCO Critical Power Management Systems, intelligent ASCO annunciators, and mobile electronic devices.

“ASCO CPMS and communication products bring out the full value of networked critical power information,” said ASCO Product Manager Adrian Ramkelawan. “Simple and compact, the 5170 makes it easy to tap into the valuable power data that can be obtained through transfer switches. It can be ordered with new switches and is easy to add to existing equipment. Either way, it’s the easiest method for putting important information into secure real-time communications that bring powerful insights to customers.”

ASCO products are backed by technology, support, and service that are unmatched in the industry. Click the following links to view the 5170 webpagedata sheet, and video.