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Powerful and configurable DC/DC converters

August 28, 2019




United States

Phoenix Contact’s new QUINT DC/DC converters incorporate proven QUINT features, like Power Boost,  Selective Fuse Breaking (SFB) technology, and an integrated passive interface, for improved reliability and easy configuration. The QUINT DC/DC converters provide a precise DC voltage. They can alter voltage levels, amplify voltage at the end of long cables, or enable the creation of independent supply systems by means of electrical isolation.

The new generation has a dynamic power boost with up to 200 percent of the rated current for up to five seconds when starting heavy loads. A secure passive interface makes it easy to configure monitoring alarms specific to any application. User-definable settings allow monitoring of real-time current, power, or voltage using a 4-20 mA analog output. Additionally, operating hours, DC input voltage, overvoltage, and temperature derating can be monitored with dry contact outputs.

The QUINT DC/DC converters can also be made tamper-proof by locking out the push buttons on the front panel and creating a user-defined password. The proven SFB technology delivers six times the rated current for up to 15 milliseconds to selectively trigger standard circuit breakers. The static boost with up to 125 percent of the rated current is available at all times, allowing the system to be conveniently expanded.

The converters are available in either push-in or screw connection technology and have hazardous location approvals. Learn more at

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