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The Battery Simulator 1200 is a 12-cell simulator that is the building block of many of Bloomy’s BMS test platforms. Each cell is individually programmable to sink and source current at 0-5VDC. It is analogous to a battery module, except it is not susceptible to the hazards of real batteries. Since it is isolated to 1,000 Volts, you can combine multiple 12-cell simulators in series in order to simulate a larger pack. It is a commercial off-the-shelf product that is FCC and CE certified and available for international export.

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The Two Quadrant Regenerative Source and Sink DCB Series power supplies from Adaptive Power Systems are powerful yet cost effective Battery test solutions. Designed using state-of-the-art Digital Signal Processing, these units combine a DC power supply with a regenerative electronic DC load into a single unit. All DCB Series models support an auto-ranging constant power V-I output profile that offers both higher voltage and high current from a single unit.
Available in three power levels of 5kW , 10kW or 15kW, there are seven voltage range models up to 1500Vdc and max. current per 3U chassis of 360Adc. Available with 380 ~ 480 Vac three phase AC input. Master/ Slave mode for series or parallel operation available for higher voltage and or power requirements.

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The Cadex C7000 Series of battery analyzers service lithium, nickel, and lead acid batteries on the same device with a simple change of adapter. Simply slide the battery into one of the 3,200 custom Battery Adapters or chose from one of 4 Universal Adapters and discover why the C7000 Series Battery Analyzers have become the world’s leading battery analyzers.

With features such as Boost to awaken sleeping Li-ion batteries and custom programs to prepare Li-ion for shipment, the C7000 analyzers masters battery testing to its fullest. Use the analyzer to measure capacity, spot check spare capacity after a long day and apply calibration to improve fuel gauge readings.