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The Battery Simulator 1200 is a 12-cell simulator that is the building block of many of Bloomy’s BMS test platforms. Each cell is individually programmable to sink and source current at 0-5VDC. It is analogous to a battery module, except it is not susceptible to the hazards of real batteries. Since it is isolated to 1,000 Volts, you can combine multiple 12-cell simulators in series in order to simulate a larger pack. It is a commercial off-the-shelf product that is FCC and CE certified and available for international export.

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Cell-Con, Inc.

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Battery Pack Assembly: For over 30 years Cell-Con has designed and built custom battery packs for the OEM market including Medical, Military, and Industrial applications.
Battery Chargers: Over 100 stocked battery chargers, many of which are UL-60601 approved for the medical industry.

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Micro Systems Technologies Management AG

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LITRONIK an MST company, is manufacturing primary batteries for active implants with very high volumetric energy and power densities, low self-discharge rates and high operating safety.
The electrochemical systems behind the LITRONIK primary batteries are based on lithium-iodine and lithium-manganese dioxide, and they cover three performance ranges for different active implants:
> high energy batteries with lithium-iodine technology for implantable pulse generators, e.g. pacemakers
> medium rate batteries with lithium-manganese dioxide technology for implants that require mid-range pulse power, e.g. pacemakers with telemetry functions
> high power batteries with lithium-manganese dioxide technology for implants that require the highest pulse power, e.g. defibrillators