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Cell-Con, Inc.

305 Commerce Dr

Suite 300




United States

Battery Pack Assembly: For over 30 years Cell-Con has designed and built custom battery packs for the OEM market including Medical, Military, and Industrial applications.
Battery Chargers: Over 100 stocked battery chargers, many of which are UL-60601 approved for the medical industry.

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Sonobond Ultrasonics, Inc.

1191 McDermott Drive

West Chester



United States

Battery & capacitor manufacturers rely on Sonobond’s Ultrasonic SonoWeld® 1600 and Dual Head Spot Welders to join up to 100 layers of foil as thin as seven microns without tearing. Our units weld foil-to-foil, -tabs & -terminals, battery pouches and HV terminations.

These welders, made in the USA, are used in the assembly of rechargeable batteries for all-electric & hybrid automobiles, and for the backup storage batteries needed in alternative energy systems like wind and solar.

Precise, dependable, solid-state and highly conductive welds are assured with our unique, patented Wedge-Reed Bonding System. Sonobond holds more than 150 patents, including the first for ultrasonic metal welding issued in 1960. Visit our website to order FREE SAMPLE WELDS made with your specific materials.