Voltaiq Selected by Mobile Power Solutions to Enhance Battery Design, Testing, and Prototyping Capabilities

June 21, 2018 | News Brief |  Voltaiq has been selected by Mobile Power Solutions (MPS) to provide comprehensive battery data analytics that enhance their R&D, assembly and manufacturing, and safety and performance testing capabilities. To further improve MPS’ leadership in the battery industry, they are creating an environment around Voltaiq Core that will provide MPS with near real-time visibility into all aspects of their battery certification and testing services.

Many Fortune 100 companies rely on MPS to provide vital battery R&D and pack design validation for their automotive, grid, and consumer electronics products. To help their customers achieve their time-to-market targets, it was essential for MPS engineers to have rapid access to clean, correlated battery data. Typical development flows require significant, time-consuming efforts to collect and prepare data for analysis. Industry estimates indicate that up to 80 percent of the effort involved in any complex analysis is spent performing data extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL). Voltaiq Core dramatically reduces ETL effort with a software platform that automatically collects, cleans and correlates battery data from any tester, and makes it ready for analysis within minutes, freeing up precious and limited engineering resources to focus on battery development, not being a data custodian.

“As a strategic partner in battery certification, validation, and pack design for many Fortune 100 companies, it is essential that we provide best-in-class capabilities for every service we provide,” said Chuck Weitzel, president of Mobile Power Solutions. “Our engineers are world-class when it comes to battery design and manufacturing. Voltaiq’s solutions are taking us to the next level by providing an automated, comprehensive approach to managing and analyzing all of our battery data so that we can provide the best battery implementation that meets our customers’ time-to-market window.”

“We are delighted to work with Mobile Power Solutions and help them transform their battery data into strategic advantage,” said Evan Sanders, VP of Global Sales at Voltaiq. “As battery-powered systems become more pervasive, ensuring the robustness of the battery design is becoming a critical factor for MPS and their customers. Voltaiq is committed to providing battery OEMs, integrators, and operators with a powerful and easy-to-use software platform that enables maximum design exploration and validation in the development and testing process to ensure the highest performance and reliability in the final product.”